Huxley seedling hot end

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Huxley Seedling Hot-end Version 2.0

Release status: experimental

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Description designed Specificaly for the Huxley Seedling.
License GPL
Author Bodgeit
Based-on Reprap Style Extruders
Categories Huxley RepStrap,Extruders, Hot End
CAD Models none
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I know yet another Hot End. Sorry..

No worries!  The more, the merrier! --Sebastien Bailard 07:16, 11 April 2011 (UTC)

This one is designed specifically for Huxley Seedling.

Note: It might be possible to use wooden dowel instead of PEEK for the insulator.

The requirements.

Keep it simple.

1.7 mm filament.

Bowden fillament drive.

Low profile to get best print height.

The ability to mount it in 6mm thick perspex.

Interchangable Extruder head. 0.2mmm 0.4mm 0.6mm (Fine, Normal, Draft)


1 Thermocouple.

1 Heater block.

1 Brass Halfnut.

1 2 pin connector.

1 PCB / Veroboard.

2 E clips for fitting.

1 5W Heater resisistor.

1 3mm PTFE bowden tube 365mm.

1 Interchangable Extruder head.

1 16mm Peek insulator 20mm long.

1 Brass Threaded bar 20mm long.