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The Basic Box is a common RepRap design element. A Darwin type RepRap is a Basic Box made from RBS/Rod and RBS/Corner Connectors. Likewise a Mendel. (Is a "corner connector" the same as a Cabinet Widget ?) (Is "RBS/Rod" the same as threaded rod ?)

Cabinet Making

At its most straightforward, a Basic Box is a large wooden Crate with a few holes drilled into it to mount fixtures.

This is correct, the Basic Box is basically a cabinet, for all your RepStrappers out there who know how to use a table saw and a Cabinet Widget.


At the other end, a Basic Box is a complicated space frame. e.g. Mendel. (Note to the pedantic: We know Mendel is not a geodesic structure. Yet.)





Flat Pack

FlatPack RepStraps are made with Table Saws (and Hand Saws), CNC Routers, or Laser Cutters. (Also water jet cutters, etc.)


Laser Cut

Pour Strap