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20131205 202153.jpg
PSU unit Gold.jpg
Color: Gold
Extruder: .35mm
Temperature: 200C
Design: Open Hybrid Mendel
Electronics: RAMPS 1.4
Firmware: Marlin
Operation Status: Thumb down.png


This is the page for the State College Rep Rap User Group's (SCRUG)Gold 3D printer. The printer was developed, assembled, and is currently operated by students in Penn State's Engineering Design 497J course and members of the 3D printing club. Our goal is to continuously tweak the printer until it is ready for distribution and sale to other departments in the University and local schools and businesses.

This printer is mainly comprised of gold frame pieces.

Slicer Settings

Settings of April 15, 2014: File:Gold


Date Modification / Problem
12/06/2013 The printer's extruder had a meltdown. Ian replaced it and it appears to be working well.
09/04/2013 The printer needs an extruder
09/10/2013 Extruder frame mostly assembled, end stops obtained and attached to mounts, arduino w/ driver obtained.

Next steps: Print large extruder gear, assemble and attach extruder, attach and wire endstops, attach and wire arduino. Also note: We need to add a bearing to the extruder and switch the carriage sides.

02/17/2014 The three brown wires linked PCB and nozzle caused some short circuit so that the PCB was overheat and COM port couldn't recognize it.

Solution: haven't fundamentally solve the problem, just shaking the wire so that it no longer short circuit. Other problem: the nozzle could correctly arrive the position of the main printing part, but sometimes it misses the supporting material's position (it means the same layer the part I want to print is perfect but just the supporting material could not put on the layer below it but put on the aside.) So I think the reason why it happened was related to the programming, the subroutine of motors working for support material may have some wrong calculations.

Edit:It was found that the screw below the pcb was shorting it out. A piece of tape was used to solve the problem.

04/08/2014 The x-axis of the printer has been rebuilt and is printing well again but it is still having trouble printing exact circles. Further calibration is being done on the x-axis and y-axis currently in order to fix these small discrepancies.
04/15/2014 The nichrome wire that heats the extruder tip came off again but has been reapplied to the tip and is heating again.
04/29/2014 The printer is currently printing extremely well and is not experiencing any catastrophic problems. It still doesn't print perfect circles yet but that will come as calibration continues. It hasn't been verified yet but the printer setting of 200 degrees Celsius for the extruder temperature may be too hot for the blue filament that is currently being used. This is the suspicion based on the layers looking abnormal after being printed and the extent to which the printed part sticks to the bed.


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