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Question 2 and 3

Comming soon is not an answer for a question designed to always contain points that this Mediawiki does not support. It was aimed at producing an answer with an example policy and best practices of how to deal with designs that ARE better presented on other sites. How to cross-reference best,... The answer to question 2 has absolutely nothing to do with the question. It's about reprap NOT being the only project doing 3d printing and why this library is then focused on forcing the user to use it as the ONLY library to post his/her/their designs.

Forced? We have the power to force people to do stuff?
We need an upload button. Then this stuff will be more fun.
--Sebastien Bailard 09:24, 21 April 2011 (UTC)
Well, not really forced. But the policy of this site seems to be to have everything here and only here. That's what "everything in one place" means.
As opposed to e.g. have a video in YouTube and a report in a Blog and a discussion in some forum and the design files on Thingiverse and the photos in a photo album and linking/embedding.
You know, using the proper tools for the proper job.
--MarcusWolschon 09:30, 21 April 2011 (UTC)