UM v1.1 PCB Fix

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Version specific info
v1.5.7 | v1.5.6 | v1.5.4 | v1.5.3 | v1.3 | v1.2 | v1.1 (UM v1.1 PCB Fix) | v1.0

The batch of version 1.1 PCB had a small mistake. It creates a situation where indication LEDs for the MOSFET's will be 'always on', instead of when you turn the MOSFET output on. Luckily it's easy to correct it. Here's how:

UM PCB v1.1-correction1.jpg

These peninsula's should become real islands. Cross the three copper tracks that lead to them.

UM PCB v1.1-correction2.jpg

Here you'll need to do the same.

UM PCB v1.1-correction3.jpg

Here you'll need to do the same.

UM PCB v1.1-correction4.jpg

Above it the end result of isolating this part of the PCB.

When connecting the LED, instead of clipping the end of the lead, connect it to the one of the terminals as seen in the picture below. When done, the LED will only light up when you turn on one of the MOSFET's.