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The Ultimaker is a RepStrap with the following key features:

  • Moving Bowden extruder, allowing tall models to be printed very fast.
  • Parallel kinematics, all motors are stationary, moving mass is very low, allowing for 500mm/s travel rates.
  • Largest build envelope for its footprint (210*210*220mm print volume, single toolhead mode).
  • Easy to assemble.
  • High accuracy printing (down to about 50 micron in every direction)
  • Well thought out, production ready design.
  • Ships with official Arduino Mega 2560. Soon to ship with Open Source Pololu stepper driver replacement (open source upon first shipping).

This page is a development stub. Please enhance this page by adding information, cad files, nice big images, and well structured data!

The Ultimaker has its own Wiki, which can be found at: wiki.ultimaker.com. Documentation of development and research should be done on the RepRap wiki, however.

Drawings of the laser cut files are available on Thingiverse. Parts lists can be found on the Ultimaker wiki].

CAD files for the electronics are up at:

High accuracy

Because of the bowden system and low-mass moving parts, the same amount of layers can be printed as is common. This means that the Z-resolution can be the same, e.g. all the way down to a 10 micron layer height as any other printer.