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Gen7 electronics

This is the place for all your contest info. This contest is run by Bryanandaimee.

The aim of the contest is to encourage design of standards compliant vertical X axis projects. This goal will be met if three or more projects are adapted to the Vertical_X_Axis_Standard or created from scratch to this specification.

A big thanks to for their generous donation of a set of Pololu drivers! 

The contest is over. Winners are listed below.

1st Place: Contestant 8 North90ty

2nd Place: Contestant 1 Emmanuel

3rd Place: Contestant 2 RustySpoon

Prizes Updated!!!

LCD Displays
LCD Displays
LCD Displays
LCD Displays
LCD Displays
High Power LED and Driver
Gen7 boards etched & ready for drilling

1st Prize : A complete set of Generation_7_Electronics, fully soldered and tested, including Pololu drivers. Four KTM-S1201 serial 7 Segment LCD displays, and 2 high power 3W blue LED's each with a 12V driver. And a Prusa HBP board The Prusa HBP board is in! Just arrived a few days ago.

2nd Prize : A Gen7 electronics board populated with all electronics except the Pololu drivers. Fully soldered and tested. Two KTM-S1201 serial 7 Segment LCD displays, and one high power 3W blue LED with a 12V driver. And a set of strip boards suitable for a gheto HBP.

3rd Prize : A bare Gen7 electronics board. One KTM-S1201 serial 7 Segment LCD display, and one high power 3W blue LED with a 12V driver. And a set of strip boards suitable for a gheto HBP.

Rules and conditions

The contest begins September 12, 2011, and ends November 12, 2011. The contest deadline may be extended once by a >50% majority of the entrants, in which case the contest will end December 12, 2011.

By Oct 12 all entrants must have declared their wish to compete by posting a link to their project web page below.

The prizes will be awarded strictly on a points basis with points accumulated as detailed below.

Points System

The points system is designed to make the awarding of prizes transparent and objective. Points will be awarded as detailed below.

1. Declare your entry and link to your project web page

1st entrant 5 points

2nd entrant 4 points

3rd entrant 3 points

4th entrant 2 points

5th through 1 millionth entrant 1 point

all others :) one half point

2. Post STL files of Vertical_X_Axis_Standard compliant designs

X carriage design 50 points

Extruder design 50 points

Other tool head mount 50 points

Combined X carriage/extruder design 100 points (In place of the two points categories above, not in addition to)

X end idler and X motor mount 100 points

Just for clarification, as I have been asked by one of the contestants, the maximum points total for this category would be 250. 100 for an extruder/carriage design either combined or separate but not both, 100 for X idler and motor mount, and 50 for other tool head mounts.

3. Post original design files eg. Scad, Sketchup etc.

100 points

4. Print and post pictures of printed objects

100 points

5. Assemble and post video of movement on a compliant bot or mock up. (Mock up could be a separate X axis assembly or simply bars clamped at the correct spacing as per the standard.)

100 points for motorized movement on a bot

50 points for motorized movement on a mock up

25 points for hand powered movement on a bot or mock up

6. Post a video of your assembly, on a bot, printing a part.

100 points

7. Publicity points

10 points per blog/website/newsgroup post mentioning the contest (prior to the entrance deadline of Oct 12) that mentions you as originator of the news. Only 10 points per website, repeat posts on the same site will be ignored in the points tally. (But appreciated)

1 point per "like" on thingiverse

The points system may be subject to change up to Oct 12, after which they will remain set for the duration of the contest. The basic structure and intent of the points system will not change. Only contestants may suggest changes to the points system. Final rule set will be the decision of the contest author.


By posting a link to your project page below you are declaring your intent to participate in the contest as described above. Posting below does not obligate you to complete any of the requirements for points as described in the points section.

Example. Contestant 0: Test_Tube_Mendel is the baum! I'll whip all ya'll togetharrrr!!!!! (Please keep it clean :) Note: Test_Tube_Mendel will not be entering the contest as the designer is also the contest author. "

Contestant 1: X-carriage-struder (or also called Vert-X in short for the whole x-axis) yay ^^ --Emmanuel 08:41, 12 September 2011 (UTC)

Contestant 2: RustySpoon's Vertical X-Axis by RustySpoon1121 11:41, 12 September 2011 (CST)

Contestant 3: Action68's_vertical_x_axis_reprap

Contestant 4: PCB Mill Mount for Vertical X-axis A work in progress, see thingiverse page for details. --droftarts 02:50, 14 September 2011 (UTC)

Contestant 5: Vlad_Tepes -- rigidity obsessed; with 12mm bars and bearings; maybe even 1cm t5 belt; just started, first updates might take a while, and i might be late aswell - will see;

Contestant 6: Verticalize your Prusa by Pacca

Contestant 7: Project_BYVerX Just started work, hoping not too late ^_-

Contestant 8: North90ty Vx on ThingiverseA very simple Vertical_x_for_Prusa_by_North90ty

Contestant 9: Jolijar

Contestant 10 Project by ParaScubaSailor

Points totals

The contest is over and the points totals are shown below. Contestants have till tomorrow my time to confirm or challenge the totals.

Contestant 1 X-carriage-struder by --Emmanuel 5 + 200 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 51 = 656 points Points

Contestant 2 RustySpoon's Vertical X-Axis by RustySpoon1121 4 + 200 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 46 =650 Points

Contestant 3 Action68's_vertical_x_axis_reprap 3 Points

Contestant 4 PCB Mill Mount for Vertical X-axis by --droftarts 2 + 50 + 100 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 155 points

Contestant 5 Vlad_Tepes by --NoobMan 1 + 150 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 0 + 0 = 451 Points

Contestant 6 Verticalize your Prusa by Pacca 1+150+100+0+0+0+10=261 points

Contestant 7 Project_BYVerX 1 Point

Contestant 8 Very simple Vx by North90ty on Thingiverse 1+250+100+100+100+100+47= 698 Points

Contestant 9 Rook 3D Printer by Jolijar 1 + 150 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 0 + 51 = 502 Points

Contestant 10 Project by ParaScubaSailor 1 Point