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Auto bed leveling questions

Posted by GITRDUN 
Auto bed leveling questions
October 06, 2014 08:31PM
I just got mine up and running using this style [www.thingiverse.com] . Its a great idea but the springy bed causes to many accuracy problems for this to work properly IMO. I plan to switch to a sevo mounted sensor style. I am using Marlin, Slic3r and Pronterface with a Ramps 1.4.

Anyway i have a couple of questions that i cant seem to track down the answers to.

1. Does Marlin simply take all the probe positions and try to figure out the best solution for a flat plane? In other words is the "grid" that it uses a flat plane grid or does the grid go up and down in a straight line depending on the probe points? If its simply a flat plane grid then i cant see any point to probing more than 3 points.

2. Is there a way to probe the bed once and store those settings into the firmware or do you have to probe the bed before every print?
Re: Auto bed leveling questions
October 08, 2014 05:29PM
The probe command is part of the Slicer custom code. It's the G29 command and has to be in the beginning of every print.
I dont use more than 3 probes. I assume that the multiple probes take every measurement into account so if you probe 20 times then the machine will build a complex grid of heights going up and down. The 3 point probe only calculates a plane. There would be no point using the multi point probe if it only calculated a single plane.
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