Where can I get stepper motor cables?? I have everything but cables for my new build...where can I buy them online? I am using nema 17's and ramps 1.4


18 or 20 gauge.

4 (or more) conductor 18 gauge security cable is sold in bulk by the foot at most hardware stores, e.g., Home Depot's 18-4 CL3R Security Cbl Shld 1' @ 0.63, Part number 0000-249-865 Ed0345.18.10 , listed in bulk on their site. Most larger hardware stores will have a carrel or rack near the electrical wiring area which has spools of wire which are sold by the foot

Awesome, the ebay link is great except I have stepper motors that have the 6 prong (only 4 are used) unidirectional plugs, the black 4 prong ones are fine for the ramps 1.4 board but where can I get some with the correct connectors on the motor sides?
Yes but where can I get some with the correct connectors on the motor sides?
Knowing what they're called is the big battle...
Likely a PH series connector by J.S.T. Mfg. Co. (Japan Solderless Terminal), 2mm pitch, but you should really confirm in the motor specs.

Search for "JST 2mm PH 6 pin" on ebay, aliexpress, or your favorite vendor. It's easiest to get precrimped harnesses. (I've heard they are much harder to crimp properly than 0.1" connectors, but I haven't tried it.)
I may have some extra cables, will have to take a look in my kit later this evening. Are you in the U.S.?
Thanks Tray, you nailed it, stonedcoldskier thanks I am but no worries I just ordered enough cables to make 20 of them, yes I am mr overkill. I appreciate the knowlege and generocity from all of you thank you very much for the help! I am surprised no one sells these complete, I got them in my prusa i3 kit alredy made so I thought they were an off the shelf item.
Mine are from Robotdigg, for future reference.
bookmarked, thanks for the tip!
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