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Launching a new build plate

Posted by andornot 
Re: Launching a new build plate
July 30, 2017 02:38AM
Maybe something like THIS works for you? Just an example for inspiration smiling smiley
thanks for that, I do think between you and origamib we have a plan for graphic transfer.
Re: Launching a new build plate
July 30, 2017 05:31AM
The biggest advantage i see is: You don't have to work with dangerous chemicalsspinning smiley sticking its tongue out


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Re: Launching a new build plate
July 31, 2017 04:40PM
6 inch and 17 inch build plates will be in stock next week, they are available for backorder now.
Re: Launching a new build plate
August 04, 2017 09:40AM
great work.. looking nice
Re: Launching a new build plate
August 10, 2017 01:49AM
Not every day I get to print on an Xwing,,, A test for the larger one to come wanted to see if the thermoplastic sheet or 3M distorted/dulled the image or colour in any way " its all fine bar the size " see how that holds up to the heat, want be a problem if you still use a cold bed [www.youtube.com] but the days of single colour, bland print surface is over!.

think it may just do for a cold bed, only thing to do is watch the ink cook/boil at 55C. see the prep here

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Re: Launching a new build plate
August 16, 2017 03:02PM
Jinx thanks for trying out the prints underneath andornot's bed material, they look a promising technique to customise your 3d printer. I am looking into sourcing a high temperature print material, i will keep you posted.


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