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At what point do I go to Volcano?

Posted by Regicide 
At what point do I go to Volcano?
June 09, 2020 11:00AM
I'm designing a direct drive dual extruder printer using the E3D Chimera+ Aqua and 2 E3D Titans. I know, I know. The Chimera+ is meant for Bowden extrusion. However, I personally dislike the amount of play that a Bowden system adds, and my build is a no-compromises one. I'm using all name-brand parts and I expect to have very low backlash. I'm using 12 mm belts and E3D Super Whopper motors in a corexy arrangement, so I can handle the extra weight and still print relatively fast. I want to use slimline motors to help get the weight down as much as possible, but there's a problem. I'm planning on a 300x300x450 build envelope, and I want to keep printing times sub-week. I already have an E3D V6 and 1 Titan, but I know that with fast printing and larger nozzles, there's still a point where I cannot feed filament fast enough. So, my dilemma is this:

Is 300x300x450 a large enough envelope where Volcano hot-ends are necessary for reasonable print times, or can I stay with V6 and just get another hotend.

Also, will I be able to keep the Slimline motors with Volcano, or will I have to go to Compact and Powerful.

I'm also planning on eventually upgrading the printer to be fully enclosed and heated, as well as upgrading my thermistors to Thermocouples and my heater cartridges to high temperature cartridges. This would let me print PEEK and Ultem, as well as other high temperature exotics. I'll have to upgrade my heater blocks to plated copper, at which point I would have completely replaced my original V6. Would this be a good point to upgrade to Volcano, and would I have to upgrade my stepper motors at that point?
(I know the problems with having stepper motors in a heated build chamber, I have all motors except the extruder drivers thermally isolated, and I will use 40 mm water cooling blocks integrated into the water cooling loop to cool the extruder drivers.
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