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Support without Raft, first layer starts too high

Posted by varesa 
Support without Raft, first layer starts too high
June 13, 2013 06:05PM
I am trying to print an arc like object that I need to print supports for. I do not feel that I need to print a raft under it and the bottom is also smoother if it is directly on the bed.

I have set Skeinforge Raft module so that the raft and interface layer counts are zero. Normally my first layer starts at Z=0.2 mm, but for whatever reason with Raft doing the supports the first layer starts at Z=0.6 mm (with layer height being 0.4 mm). This causes the filament not to stick to the bed and cause the print to fail.

I think the Raft module thinks there should be a raft layer at Z=0.2, so it starts the actual print at one layer higher. However I have seen people being instructed to tell Raft make a support with 0 raft/interface layers.

I could just try enabling raft/interface layers, but I am interested in knowing the real reason behind this problem...
What parameters should I tweak in order to be able to print supports properly the way I want?

My Raft module config
Add Raft, Elevate Nozzle, Orbit: True
Base Feed Rate Multiplier (ratio): 1.0
Base Flow Rate Multiplier (ratio): 1.0
Base Infill Density (ratio): 0.5
Base Layer Thickness over Layer Thickness: 2.0
Base Layers (integer): 0
Base Nozzle Lift over Base Layer Thickness (ratio): 0.2
Initial Circling: False
Infill Overhang over Extrusion Width (ratio): 0.05
Interface Feed Rate Multiplier (ratio): 1.0
Interface Flow Rate Multiplier (ratio): 1.0
Interface Infill Density (ratio): 0.5
Interface Layer Thickness over Layer Thickness: 1.0
Interface Layers (integer): 0
Interface Nozzle Lift over Interface Layer Thickness (ratio): 0.5
Name of Support End File: support_end.gcode
Name of Support Start File: support_start.gcode
Operating Nozzle Lift over Layer Thickness (ratio): 1.0
Raft Additional Margin over Length (%): 1.0
Raft Margin (mm): 3.0
Support Cross Hatch False
Support Flow Rate over Operating Flow Rate (ratio): 1.0
Support Gap over Perimeter Extrusion Width (ratio): 1.0
None False
Empty Layers Only False
Everywhere True
Exterior Only False
Support Minimum Angle (degrees): 45.0
Re: Support without Raft, first layer starts too high
June 14, 2013 11:24AM
You should set Operating Nozzle Lift over Layer Thickness to 0.5, it's default value, not 1.0…

For this parameter to be considered (taken in account, I'am not sure of the translation), Bottom must be activated even if Edge Width over Height and Layer Height are set to 0.

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