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Weird issue printing flat at specific spots

Posted by lalalandrus 
Weird issue printing flat at specific spots
December 17, 2015 01:13AM
I have this really weird issue where the printer doesnt like to print flat at a certain spot. I cant seem to find any posts that has a similar issue.

Here are some pictures of the same part front to back, one side is perfectly flat and the other side is warped (can see both ridges are warped with the middle higher than the sides).
A couple things to note are:
1) that smoosh was from some filament crud
2) yes this part happened to de-laminate from the glass but it isnt the cause
both these issues were not present on another part that warped (rostock mini idler end) and the bump is centred on the hole, no debonding issues were observed there, unfortunately i left the part @ work so i dont have a picture at this time.

Somtimes the part does not have warping at all...

I have tried auto level, changing the spots of the auto level, removing autolevel and nothing seems to help. The first layer seems uniform and flat as the glass it is printed on.

The part was printed with the bump centered on the X-axis, the anomaly is present on certain Y-axis locations

Thanks for the help in advanced.

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Re: Weird issue printing flat at specific spots
December 17, 2015 02:56AM
Is it related to your cooling fan position?
Can you relocate the fan and see if the error follows?
Maybe its a cold breeze from an open door?
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