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:: dual/triple powering ::

Posted by redreprap 
:: dual/triple powering ::
August 28, 2012 11:15AM
i have a interesting question ...

ramps board ...

there is a logic supply n a stepper supply right?

so logic is +12v DC

we can do a +18V DC stepper drive right?

what if for a particular polulu board i just want that special channel to have a 28V DC stepper supply?

is there some kind of PCB+schematic i can look at to modify ramps/polulu ?

i will try to fix up some pix to try and see if i am on the right "track" per say LOL

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Re: :: dual/triple powering ::
August 29, 2012 04:23PM
What does your hotend do if you feed it with 28V? I think Gen7 is currently the only electronics supporting higher stepper rates without headaches, as it has not only distinguishes logic voltage from power voltage, but also stepper supply from heater supply (all of which are connected to the same supply in the most simple use case).

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Re: :: dual/triple powering ::
August 31, 2012 04:44PM
i run at 24 volt no problem.
extruder. [store.qu-bd.com]
Re: :: dual/triple powering ::
August 31, 2012 07:20PM
*edit --- arrgh ok i found it [b.pololu-files.com]
didnt see it at first @[email protected] .... i get it now abt how to dual power the polulu

ok now that i have got the POLULU part.

next dumb Qn, the wiki says that the arduino is not designed to be powered from the Vcc + Vin at the same time, after prying out a polulu board i can see that the board i have is made to be powered from 12v rails, by Vcc judging from the Wiki i assume that he is talking about the 3 pins next to the reset pin which is suppose to be connected to a power trigger switch and a +5v rail?

"The 5V pin in that connector on RAMPS only supplies the 5V to the auxiliary servo connectors. It is designed so that you can jumper it to the VCC pin and use the Arduino's power supply to supply 5V for extra servos if you are only powered from USB or 5V. Since there is not a lot of extra power from the Arduino's power supply you can connect it directly to your 5V power supply if you have one. You can also leave this pin not connected if you have no plan to add extra servos."

--> is this saying that arduino board has a +5v regulator? LOL *lost*

edit again ....

ok i had some time to study this ... [arduino.cc]

found the 5v regulator on arduino (LP33269D-5) grinning smiley ... i think i m getting it ...

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