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Chimera Hotend ooze

Posted by deaconfrost 
Chimera Hotend ooze
August 13, 2016 10:13PM
has anyone found a way to prevent the ooze from sticking to the model with a chimera?

so far I've managed to minimized the mess to almost a clean print by increasing the retraction speed to 50mm/s at 16mm retraction at 185c, any lower on temp I end up with under extrusion unless maybe I lower the print speed, which isn't ideal

ooze is not really a solution to this as it mostly get dragged over to the model after certain height

all things I've tried I was using cura in repetier host

I will try sli3er tomorrow with skirt at same height as the model and see how that goes

any suggestions?
Re: Chimera Hotend ooze
August 14, 2016 04:58AM
Is the ooze from the used or unused nozzle? I'm assuming it's the unused one and the usual fix for that is to set the unused one to a lowish standby temperature when it's not in use. I don't have a chimera but use a diamond which has 3 inputs but a single nozzle. In that case, normal retraction doesn't work because all it does is "suck" filament from one of the unused inputs instead of the nozzle tip. The fix for this is to use firmware retraction and retract all filaments, not just the one in use. Maybe something similar might work for you? Just a thought.........
Re: Chimera Hotend ooze
August 14, 2016 12:03PM
reducing temp on switch increases print time too much, I increase firmware retract to 100mm at 50mm/s it almost eliminated the ooze, might try faster retract again

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