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Slic3r Prints SOME paths too wide

Slic3r Prints SOME paths too wide
January 03, 2019 12:34PM
im not sure exactly when it started, but Slic3r has been printing some of its paths too wide, but not all and i cant seam to fix it.

For example, if i say to do 5 perimeters, the inner 4 have a normal (0.4mm) width, but then the outer 5th perimeter, is as wide, or wider than all 4 of the others. this can be seen in the slic3r preview as well as the print.
another example, is when printing bottoms/tops, the first/last layer will be lots of 0.4mm paths, as expected, but the layers in between will have a handfull of paths a millimeter wide or wider,
.these paths also leave wide gaps between each other, making every thing look like a waffle, or a screen door..

it dosnt seam to be a extrusion width, or speed issue, as changing these makes no changes to the problem, and you can see the extra fat paths in the Slic3r preview sitting right next to regular nozzle sized paths..
Its NOT infill as this problem only happens on the outer most perimeters/tops/bottoms.

i DONT like it, i dont consider it a "feature" i consider it a problem as the gaps destroy my print quality and strength. and it should all match my nozzle any way..
how do i fix this so ALL extrusion path paths are the same size as my nozzle?
how do i get it to stop planning gappy paths as part of its slicing?

PS. I tried to attach screen shots and pics, but the site says they are too large even though they are far smaller than the 8mb limit. ( they are 3mb or less)
Re: Slic3r Prints SOME paths too wide
January 03, 2019 12:36PM
Try reinstalling slic3r.

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Re: Slic3r Prints SOME paths too wide
January 07, 2019 03:54PM
which version of slic3r are you using?

or a Prusa-Version?
Re: Slic3r Prints SOME paths too wide
January 19, 2019 06:30PM
im using 1.3.0, .....i also forgot to mention, the extra fat lines also show up when printing thin things, instead of a few passes, it now just prints one big one ( example, the barrel on a gun an army man toy holds)

i do have prusa edition of slicer, but that has its own problem of perimeters under extruding, and come out gappy and weak, despite the EXACT same settings as the standard slicer.
increasing the flow to the point that it fixes the gaps, causes everything to be over sized and fat looking, and parts no longer fit together. ( but this should probably be in its own posting)
Re: Slic3r Prints SOME paths too wide
January 20, 2019 03:29PM
Try the prusa mk3 settings for slic3r (with the prusa edition of slic3r), then recalibrate the flow rate.
Start with slower velocities, then when everything looks ok bump up the speed if necessary and see how far you can push things to find the optimum speed vs quality for you.

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