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Posted by schacher 
May 31, 2016 03:14AM

Sorry I'm brandnew at 3D-printing, but I need to make a selfmade printer working again.

So my first question: Is there a possibility to change the bed temperature after a specific defined layer.
The only thing I could find is to change is after the first layer (in Filament Settings->Filament), and this is to early for a good print quality it seem..

The relase of the slic3r I use is 1.0.0RC3.

Maybe anybody has an idea.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Bedtemperature
May 31, 2016 06:14AM
Write a script to edit the gcode file.

Bob Morrison
Wörth am Rhein, Germany
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Re: Bedtemperature
May 31, 2016 06:45AM
You'll indeed have to do it manually, either by hand-editing it with a text editor or writing a script to parse either the layer number or z-height from the generated gcode and inserting the necessary command there.
Re: Bedtemperature
May 31, 2016 07:58AM
There should be no need to change the bed temperature except after the first layer. The bed temperature is often set very hot for the first layer so that the plastic adheres better to the bed. After the first layer the adhesion is going to be as good as it gets, and the bed temperature is often reduced so that there is less temperature differential between the bottom and top of the print as it rises in a printer that does not have a heated chamber, which decreases the chance of the print warping. However if the bed temperature is lowered too much it could lose adhesion and you'll get corner lifting and/or other issues, so it is a compromise best found by trial-and-error.

What material are you printing, and what are the symptoms that lead you to believe that the reduction in bed temperature should be delayed past the first layer?

Re: Bedtemperature
May 31, 2016 08:34AM
Hello Dave

the symptom is, that the bottom does sometimes not melt together, (let's say no nice surface on the bottom, rather like sandpaper, you see feel and see very line of filament), if the part is larger than 20 x 20 in x-y dimensions.
I use PLA as material.
My used temperatures on the bed where : first layer 50 °C, other layers : 30 °C.


Also many thanks to the others for the quick answers.
Re: Bedtemperature
June 01, 2016 08:01AM
Those symptom suggest that your Z zero (home) height is too high. If it only happens of larger prints, it probably means that your bed is not level so it is too high only on one side.

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