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No extrude in ABS

Posted by setherith 
No extrude in ABS
November 02, 2013 12:42PM
I'm trying to work in ABS using the supplied profile in Skeinforge but nothing is extruding. The gears are not turning and looking in the file it looks like its missing the E number which I assume is the extrude command. What am I doing wrong? I have attached the gcode if anyone can spare a moment to take a look please.
open | download - b1.gcode (31.9 KB)
Re: No extrude in ABS
November 02, 2013 01:16PM
It seems that after wiping out my .skeinforge folder and copying them in from the supplied USB there is no profile for ABS... How on Earth did I get that profile??? Is there a profile I can download to set my M90 up for ABS?
Re: No extrude in ABS
November 02, 2013 02:00PM
I think this resolved my issue: forum thread

Just testing it now...
Re: No extrude in ABS
November 02, 2013 04:23PM
Until recently the kit was supplied with only one profile named ABS that was actually a PLA profile. This was because I had never used Skeinforge profiles before and in fact never noticed them! Sorry for the confusion it caused. Even more confusing is the fact the Skeinforge comes with default profiles but none of the them work on stepper based extruders.

Now I supply it with two PLA profiles. If you want an ABS profile copy PLA0.3 and change start_PLA.code to start_ABS.gcode in the Alterations tab.

There is in fact no difference between any plastic that affect the slicing result other than temperatures. The type of plastic does affect the range of layer heights and speeds you can use but it doesn't affect the volumetric maths or path positions that a slicer generates.

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Re: No extrude in ABS
November 03, 2013 02:50AM
Excellent Chris thanks again. I found another post last night (thread), about copying the profile as you suggested and now it's working great with ABS. Little scary at first watching the bed heat and then waiting for the head and bed to complete before it starts.

If I hadn't have read the start_ABS file before I started I think I would have stopped it thinking it was failing. ABS printing my X Carriage and other spare bits, hopefully with my Y alignment issues sorted *fingers crossed*

EDIT: Added link to post from last night... basically the same advice in both. Thanks again!

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