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Enclosure for Mendel90??

Posted by chka 
Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 18, 2014 04:26PM

has any body build an Enclosure for the Mendel90.

I'm searching an Enclosure wicht is complete closed

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 19, 2014 08:07AM
I have built an enclosure, please see the photo attached to this posting:

Important is a stable base plate and that the filament spool, the extruder and the heated bed are easy to access. For that the enclosure has a front and a back side door. Also the top of the enclosure is detachable. For more detailed repair work on the M90 also the complete enclosure can be un-screwed from the base plate. First I had a wooden enclosure, but I changed it with acrylic walls, to see what happens inside.

On the back side are outside connectors for an SD-card, power and USB located, which are leading to the related connectors of the Melzi board.

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Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 19, 2014 08:56AM
I haven't tried it, but here's one on thingiverse.

Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 19, 2014 09:23AM
Made one for my ABS prints. Rather poor quality picture here :

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Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 19, 2014 02:27PM
Wau GerdH gread work,

I have seen the Thingiverse Mendel, but i have nophead Mendel90 Version, it 100% isn't compatible with on.

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 19, 2014 04:39PM
Hi chka

The Lasercut Mendel90 is designed to have an acrlic enclosure fitted but my older mendel90s have had enclosures added at various levels of technology (simplest being just putting it in a cardboard box)

In the UK we can get PC sheeting used to make greenhouses etc that works really well and is super cheap, eg:



DuetWifi.: advanced 3d printing electronics
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 19, 2014 05:45PM
Hi guys,

Now that we're talking enclosures. What about fume control? Does anyone use some sort of extractor in addition to the enclosure? I don't have an enclosure right now and I notice that when I'm working in the same room as the printer for longer periods I get mild headaches and/or a sore throat after a while. Don't think this very healthy, especially in the long run.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 02:00AM
The difficult thing with my Mendel is the curve of the Dibond panels.

so the best is, to build a comlte box for the Mendel

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 06:32AM
The bad smell when printing ABS was also a reason for me to put my M90 into an enclosure.

But up to now I don't have an extractor. Nevertheless the smell situation has improved.
It seems, that the fumes condense in some way inside the M90, when they become cold. At least my extruder took a slightly orange color, after printing orange ABS for a while.

The doors in my enclosure I have fitted with self-adhesive soft rubber sealings, normally used for windows.
Also the operational noise of the M90 is damped significantly by the enclosure.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 07:20AM
Thanks GerdH. (I thought I'd start a separate thread on the subject: [forums.reprap.org])
Is it better to exclude the electronics and the PSU from the rest of the chamber and leave them in contact with the outside room?
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 11:14AM
Generally it would be better to keep the electronics outside, because the life time expectation of electronic parts decreases with temperature. But I assume if the inside temperature of the enclosure not extends over 40°C it should not be too harmful (40°C is the maximum ambient temperature for which many electronic devices are designed).

The problem with keeping the electronics outside the enclosure is, that this requires to pass many cables through the enclosure walls, using for example additional connectors. Also an additional housing for the electronics (with sufficient air ventilation) would be a good idea in this case for protecting the electronics.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 12:14PM
I see. But couldn't you design an enclosure sealed around the back-right part (where the electronics sit). Sort of a box with a cut out corner section?
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 01:05PM
the best but the difficult enclosure ist the thingiverse

the electronic parts is complete outside the box

this weekend the weather will be bad, so i will see what ist could do

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 20, 2014 02:38PM
Ah indeed. That one sort of only encloses the area in which the printer moves. They use laminated mdf for their frame which in this design also become part of the walls of the box. I wonder if the dibond panels have the same isolating capacity to keep the heat enclosed.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 21, 2014 03:43AM
I got a large transparent box from ikea for my mendel 90, works fairly well!
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 22, 2014 04:44AM

Do you have a link to the ikea box or an article name/number?

I not find an ikea box with the right dimensions.

Thanks in advance.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 22, 2014 06:02AM
I was concerned about such things and constructed the attached.
open | download - 20140322_092816_resized.jpg (525.2 KB)
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 22, 2014 09:46AM
I think it's the one with rolls under it (not SAMLA). I can't find it only but I saw one right next to the SAMLAs when I was at IKEA's yesterday.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 22, 2014 09:53AM
is it possible to get some pictures

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 26, 2014 01:08PM
I made an instructable for an "Ikea" enclosure variant.

It has been posted to:
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
March 28, 2014 07:27PM

i have build a housing in mendel90-style, but it´s only a prototyp:

The final version obtain similar colours like Mendel90 from nophead... black dibond and natural white abs parts. Filament spool is outside of housing (!) and the Mendel90 need no changes. Backside is closed, too. Assembling is very easy and the housing isn´t a tinker style, it´s a pro style grinning smiley

Next step of prototyping include a bigger sliding window, a carry handle and optimized filament feeding, but first i need to finish my DIY cnc router. External milling is to expensive cool smiley
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
August 31, 2014 03:55AM
Any new finding?

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 02:06AM

I know this is a little old.. but i have a similar mendel90 with curved dibond edges i just finished designing an enclosure for. Its made from 3mm acrylic and printed brackets to hold it together. I wanted full access to the printer and didnt want a huge swinging door or a removable one, so opening upwards was a must. Magnets hold the door on the seal when its shut as well as hold it open, and the spring makes the system basically weightless. I also added some LED's so i could see what was printing for once lol smiling smiley smiling smiley

Mendel90 enclosure -1
Mendel90 enclosure - 2

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Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 05:04AM
That is a really nice enclosure! I really like the door mechanism. Nicely done.
How much was the cost?
Also, does it enclose the back of the printer as well?
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 06:14AM
I don't know the exact cost, since i know someone in the business. I just sent him my files and he lazer cut it for free spinning smiley sticking its tongue out Although i cant imagine it being very expensive. In total there are 14 small printed brackets, with some making the rounded corners square. The brackets at the front simply clamp a 12x12x1.4mm aluminum angle for the seal ($5 weather seal from the hardware shop). There are small bearings in the door arms which probably only cost $2 and the springs cost next to nothing. The rest is a heap of m3/4 bolts and nuts. And yes, the back is also sealed.
Here's some more pics:

Mendel90 enclosure
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 06:26AM
Very neat - are you going to publish the design? (Bit of a chore I know but I suspect that this will be of great interest especially as the winter draws in ..... in the northern hemisphere at least smiling smiley ).

Thank you,

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Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 06:33AM
@ben_van: I am also thinking to build an enclosure and I was wondering if it going to be noisy due to vibrations. How was your experience?
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 06:45AM
@Alzibiff: not sure about publishing anything as of yet. There would be a few minor things to fix to make it perfect.

@demetris: This enclosure has done nothing but wonders and It makes the printer even quieter. The walls absorb and muffle some of the sound. I also sit the printer on some foam and make sure there's nothing else rattly - otherwise it would annoy the heck out of me haha
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 03, 2014 06:24PM
When printing with ABS enclosure is a must I think.
Only the smell of the acetone heating after I put on ABS juice on the heatbed is awfull and dangerous.

I live in an small appartment and always have the window open as well.
Especially after printing is done to clear the fumes in the room.

I reversed the fan that was meant to cool the heatbed afterprinting so I can get the air out if needed but I'm not using it very much because I'm basically pumping this bad air in my room so it would be necessary to connect this fan directly with the outside air. The fan is also located at the bottom instead of on top.
Re: Enclosure for Mendel90??
October 04, 2014 03:57AM
Now i have build my Enclosure with the cheap form-board, duct tape an, magnet for the door.
The price is under 50€, and ist works perfekt.
The bad part ist i have no window to look in the box.
But with a webcam, is this problem fixed.

Mendel 90 - Octoprint
open | download - IMG_4049.jpg (440.6 KB)
open | download - IMG_4051.jpg (206.8 KB)
open | download - IMG_4053.jpg (308.3 KB)
open | download - IMG_4052.jpg (266.7 KB)
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