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New assembly (new user) issues

Posted by Outie 
New assembly (new user) issues
September 29, 2015 09:00PM
I bought a kit from China (Delta HE3D). Horrible instructions! I finished putting the kit together and this is what I know

Repetier-host is able to connect to the printer. All motors are working (after I fixed the pins that were wrong from the manufacturer).
The stepper boards are all verified good and installed correct (no jumpers installed under them for now)

Repetier-host does connect to the printer, under the manual control:
I am able to turn on/off/control heater on extruder and fan
I am able to turn off/on/control bed heater
I am able to move filament advance motor forward/backwards fast and slow
Only one motor moves if I do the manual XYZ. It takes -110X before it does anything. After that it moves both directions.

On the Reprap LCD screen it says "endstops hit: Z" or "endstops hit: X"
It is not anywhere near the top nor is tripping any endstops
I took wires off the board going to the stops and it still stays "endstops hit: Z" or "endstops hit: X"

Whats going on and what do I need to do????? I am sooo lost with this thing

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Re: New assembly (new user) issues
September 30, 2015 12:03AM
I have a He3D prusa, and i think were having some of the same problems. First make sure that your sensors are wired right, and on the right pins. The switches should be wired as normally closed (IE current can travel through the switch when the switch has not been pressed, when it is pressed currant can not flow). You might have the switches wired backward, check with a multimeter. If your wiring is correct, then make sure that your sensors are on the outermost two pins of the three pins.

The next thing to look at is your firmware. I don't think that a delta printer should have a XYZ endstop, since you dont really have a XYZ rails, however i do not have a delta printer, so i may be wrong about that, but if i am right, that means that your firmware is set up for a cartisian (tradition) printer. Im pretty sure that that is a bad thing. I would go to the Repitier website and get yourself a new set of firmware, Repitier has a really easy to use tool that walks you through configuring your firmware.

That being said, i still can't get my firmware to cooperate on my Prusa, for some reason, no matter what i do, it moves 16mm for every 1mm i tell it to. I have tried adjusteing the steps per mm, but it isn't changing how far the printer is moving at all, even if i set it to 1 step per mm, it still moves 16mm. This means that it might be the Repitier firmware thats causing both of our problems.
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