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Aluminium cast tooling plate

Posted by Govahnator 
Aluminium cast tooling plate
October 05, 2018 09:51AM
Hi Folks!

I am trying to source an Aluminium cast tooling plate in Europe and having a hard time.
Some places in the UK offer them at a fair price, but they don't ship abroad, Belgium for this instance.

Found what i am looking for at [clever3d.de], but 100 € for a 400x400x8mm plate is to much imo. (will be used with a 220v 750w silicone heater BTW)

Other addresses offer only larger plate's, with a tolerance in straightness of 0.4mm which doesn't seem right for a cast and then milled plate, as the US MIC6 tolerance is +-0.125mm. I also found rolled plates with a tolerance of 0.4mm which are cheaper..

Does anyone have a good adress? Also not sure what straightness tolerance is acceptable for 3d printing on such a large plate.

Any help and advice is much appreciated.


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Re: Aluminium cast tooling plate
October 06, 2018 02:06AM
I found an interesting price brake in 6mm tooling plate. It is cheaper than 5mm and 8mm stuff. Then find a vendor on the bay, which sells cutoffs as_is and cut it yourself.
Re: Aluminium cast tooling plate
October 10, 2018 05:50PM
Thanks for your reply O_lampe!


Found a supplier! Here is the link incase anyone else in Europe needs such a plate, sure was hard to find:


They sell plates from the company Gleich, they call their cast alu tooling plate : G.AL C250 EN AW 5083.

I contacted multiple Belgian companies but they only sold to companies and were expensive.

(Decided to go with 340x340x6mm plate)

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