MMU2S on non prusa printers?
April 07, 2019 08:49AM

I recently ran into a MMU2 package on Aliexpress here that got me thinking if and how one could use that on non prusa printers.

There seems to be no consensus if the custom control board would even integrate with a non prusa controller. If the controller is too special, controlling 3 extra motors and a filament sensor with an expansion board should be possible.
Has someone ever tried this? The concept is just too good to not use it, especially comparing it to the technical issues with a Y splitter and the price of a Pallette2
Re: MMU2S on non prusa printers?
April 07, 2019 09:13AM
1) only prusa firmware supports this so far... (but the firmware is opensource) But this is the really hard part...
2) the hotend heat break on the prusa machines is special (0.1 mm wider) to allow for easy retraction (is avable on e3d site)
3) I believe is just a 5v serial device... so in theory it could be made to would work on any arduino controller.
Re: MMU2S on non prusa printers?
April 07, 2019 11:50AM
found this which answers the whole topic quite well. Its hard to imagine all the details but from the way i imagine the colorchanging process, it should indeed be possible to treat the motors as extra axis that need no extra controller.

and appearently there are already two projects that recreated the mechanism

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