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Motherboard that burns out

Posted by tenjin 
Motherboard that burns out
June 10, 2021 11:45AM
Hello to all,

I'm asking for your help because I have some problems with electronics!
I am designing a 3D printer with LCD technology. For this printer I use a NanoDLP motherboard and a 24V 250W Tiger Power supply (links are at the end of the post). I have been facing problems for some time, the motherboard of my printer is burning out. I have replaced the NanoDLP board 3 times but it burns out randomly (one after 1 month, 1 after 1 week...).
I showed the board to a colleague who builds electronic boards and he assumes that the problem comes from the voltage limit of the capacitors and the regulator of the nanoDLP board versus the voltage delivered by the 24V supply:

- Maximum voltage of the regulator of the nanoDLP board: 26V
- Maximum voltage of the nanoDLP board input capacitors: 25V (assumed value)
- The exact voltage delivered by the 24V power supply is unknown. In general, power supplies are designed to operate with a guaranteed accuracy of 5% or 10%, regardless of the load.
A tolerance of 5% gives a maximum of 25.2V, a voltage which is already too high for the input capacities. This implies a failure of the card.

To solve this problem, I see 3 solutions, but being a beginner in electronics, I would need your advice to know what is the right way:

- Buy a more accurate 24v 250W power supply. I started looking for one but I can't find one with an error of less than 5%, does it exist?
- Buy a voltage regulator that I would connect between the power supply and the motherboard, that would make sure that the voltage does not vary. However I can't find one
for a power of 250W, I don't know if it exists either...
- Change the motherboard by another one better protected. I already have some ideas, including the MKS Gen L V2.1 card. But I would like to be sure that this card does not have the same
problem as the other one. Does anyone know if it is more secure or if not what components I need to check to make sure it doesn't burn out?

If you have other ideas to solve my problem, I'm interested! I'm interested in any advice on electronics!

Thanks in advance !

Board NanoDLP : [fr.aliexpress.com]

Power supply Tiger Power: [www.tigerpower.com]

Board MKS Gen L v2.1 : [imprimante-3d-service.com]
Re: Motherboard that burns out
June 10, 2021 12:10PM
... if you have a multimeter, then simply measure the voltage.

Most PSes have a trimpot to adjust the output voltage - try to reduce it ... 24V (+5 to 10%) to a 26V limit is too close, especial, if you draw some Amperes ...

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Re: Motherboard that burns out
June 10, 2021 03:26PM
If the board has 25V caps, it isn't a 24V board. If they claim it is, they are lying or they don't know anything about electronics, and you shouldn't be buying their stuff.

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