Re: Prusa i3 Kit with MKS Base 1.2 Board
July 11, 2015 10:32AM
So I bought the Hic Prusa i3 and it has the MKS Base 1.3. Can anybody else confirm if this version has the green power terminal for the main power as shown in all of the videos and schematics for every other version? Mine does not but it has a place for it.


Re: Prusa i3 Kit with MKS Base 1.2 Board
November 26, 2015 04:12PM
hiya all, im fairly new to printing and recently bought a HIC Prusa I3, built it, printed a couple of bits with it,,,,then it just failed my laptop wouldn't recognise it, cura asking if my printer was attached, arduino giving a "timeout... stk500 cannot communicate with programmer" (not exact quote but there abouts.). I emailed seller (HIC china) and was so frustrated after trying nearly every tip on every forum that I went ballistic at them, they said the cd they sent me was not designed for windows 8.1, and asked me to downgrade to win 7. Downgrade I did and still no result.

Needless to say, the email I sent was not pretty, threatening legal action and informing them exactly what I intended to do with their printer. so they emailed me back today and are sending out a new board, and email link to cd software, just got in from work and downloaded it, I NOTICED ONE IMMEDIATE DIFFERENCE TO THE ONE I RECEIVED ORIGINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! When I installed the original smoothieware driver said it was designed for my os etc..... the smoothieware I just opened installs really beautifully???????? begs the question: are they quietly aware of this issue? hence the upgraded software.

So im going to see if im any further forward when I go up into the studio later and plug in.... will keep you posted but didn't want you guys to suffer without it as I have, reading through these forums has been really helpful in the past few weeks and ive learned some treasured lessons.

here is the link to the software!!!!!!!! and strangely enough its NOT Marlin????????


hope it helps some of you guys
Re: Prusa i3 Kit with MKS Base 1.2 Board
December 14, 2015 01:21AM
Hi guys i has a same problem here i got a new board i updated marlin firmware but z-axis and extruder moving very fast also i changed unit speed even its not giving exact shape older version is seems to nice.
Can anyone send me firmware plz?
[email protected]
Re: Prusa i3 Kit with MKS Base 1.2 Board
March 15, 2016 02:15PM
Hi there,

i'v got this board: []

for my prusa i3, but but cant upload firmware.bin using micro SD and i need correct config.txt

cant find any manuals or youtube tutorials how to set this board for prusa i3 :/
Re: Prusa i3 Kit with MKS Base 1.2 Board
March 15, 2016 06:03PM
I had a mpx3 board similar to that on Max Micron printer, and it gave up when not even being used !!! not much faith in `all-in-one` boards.

I bought a 2560 & ramps 1.4 board and have at last got my machine printing.
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