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Cyclone PCB Factory Documentation
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Cyclone PCB Factory v2.1

Release status: working

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Description Cyclone is a 3D-printable CNC Mill intended for PCB manufacture.
License CC-BY-SA
Author Multiple authors (check GitHub page)
Based-on None
CAD Models none
External Link Github



The Cyclone PCB Factory is a 3D-printable CNC Mill released in May 2013. It has been inspired by many other designs like the Mantis.

A summary on the Cyclone development can be found in this article.

The new Cyclone v2.0 has been released!

Video summary of Cyclone, as of Summer 2013:



The external dimensions of the Cyclone PCB Factory are approximately 25x30x40 cm (intended footprint was a DIN A4 paper sheet).

The machine is optimized to work with 100x160 PCB boards and has ~3cm of usable Z range.

Main improvements

The following is a list of the main improvements that this project is developing:

  • Rep-Rap alike, anyone can print the parts and build it
  • Simple implementation of Z height probing to allow high precision milling (see the Software credits for details)


The development of the Cyclone PCB Factory is hosted on github:

Mail list / Forum

If you are interested in this project, please consider joining our mail list:!forum/cyclone-pcb-factory

Bill of Materials

Where to buy?

Build Instuctions

Build instructions


Currently, we are using Sanguinololu with Marlin firmware (a custom version that supports Z probing command).

Required features: 3 stepper drivers, 3 endstops + 1 extra pin for probing, and (optional) 1 pin to control spindle.

Power supply

The spindle we are using requires an aditional 48V 300W power supply.


If you build Cyclone too let us know in the mail list!


Special thanks

Derived from / we have used / inspirational

Note by Carlosgs: Credit for the ideas used

The following note was posted Apr 17, 2013 ( and shall not be modified

The origin of Cyclone took place while I was inside the Panda CNC community ( This is from December 2012 to mid-February 2013. Here is the credit for the ideas that were used:

Please note I have taken screenshots of the post that are on the closed G+ Panda community ( You can register and see by yourself.

All other development present on Cyclone has nothing to do with Panda and is not related to the Panda project.


License: Attribution - Share Alike - Creative Commons (


  • (20/Jan/2014) Summary of a year of development
  • (18-19/Oct/2013) Cyclone was shown at Codemotion Madrid 2013 (Spain) (1) (2) (3)
  • (21/Sep/2013) Cyclone was shown at TEDxValladolid 2013 (Valladolid, Spain) (1)
  • (24/Jul/2013) Featured in Hackaday!! (1)
  • (14/Jun/2013) Cyclone's first public presentation at Viernes Abierto Arduteka in Zaragoza (Spain). Some pictures (credit to Miguel Ángel de Frutos, Alberto Valero and Jorge Andreu) (1) (2) (3) (4)
  • (07/Jun/2013) Visit from User:Obijuan to see Cyclone in action :) (1)
  • (05/Jun/2013) First circuit board milled with Cyclone! (1)
  • (23/May/2013) First Z probing results (1) and (2)


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