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CoreXY Machines

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Help on custom big bot, bad cylinder, calibration issue or what? Attachments

by execcr
739 10 05/14/2015 02:31AM
Last Post by execcr

quickhome issue

by ruggb
394 1 05/08/2015 07:50PM
Last Post by ruggb

Controller for XY-Stage - parameters and behaviour?

by Elmi
480 4 05/01/2015 05:19AM
Last Post by hairykiwi

Would this work? Attachments

by Dave_robinson_022
963 9 04/28/2015 10:42AM
Last Post by LarsK

Sunday Print Challenge runs until Tuesday! smiling bouncing smiley

by AndrewBCN
498 1 04/27/2015 04:00AM
Last Post by AndrewBCN

CoreXY and CoreXZ support for Duet electronics

by dc42
1,975 18 04/26/2015 03:43PM
Last Post by patrickrio

Delays required in XY-Stage controller

by Elmi
519 1 04/25/2015 10:55AM
Last Post by Elmi

What type of Hiwin!

by mdcompositi
2,246 17 04/21/2015 11:55PM
Last Post by patrickrio

Another V-Slot CoreXY Printer Attachments

by sdavi
7,598 27 04/17/2015 01:57PM
Last Post by Hexag

Not moving in negative direction..neither X nor Y Attachments

by nipunsadvilkar
436 2 04/11/2015 01:51PM
Last Post by alan richard

Fishing string

by ntar827
644 6 04/08/2015 08:01PM
Last Post by SydneyDesigner

CoreXY printer slowing down near 0 speed

by PropellerHat
897 23 03/27/2015 07:17AM
Last Post by PropellerHat

Building Core XY Printer: need help deciding on what built Attachments

by J.A.C.
11,603 26 03/26/2015 09:14PM
Last Post by alan richard

endstops for corexy? physical or firmware based?

by pushthatbolder
930 5 03/15/2015 10:00PM
Last Post by alan richard

Print starts promisingly, then drifts over max pos

by PropellerHat
613 4 03/15/2015 09:08PM
Last Post by alan richard

Core XY assembly suitable for XY plotter

by nipunsadvilkar
1,236 3 03/10/2015 04:32AM
Last Post by Zavashier

my corexy Attachments

by mdcompositi
1,179 6 03/05/2015 11:05AM
Last Post by enricodare

Introducing the Slot Bot! Attachments

by runninfarmer
1,528 9 03/05/2015 09:04AM
Last Post by Zavashier

Core XYZ? Attachments

by Echo Bravo
3,526 7 02/25/2015 09:15PM
Last Post by nicholas.seward

Advice on printer sizing and makerslide

by rocketwiz
729 5 02/22/2015 06:44PM
Last Post by rocketwiz

Reduce Bed Shake

by jtoombs
979 2 02/22/2015 01:42PM
Last Post by Zavashier

CoreXY and Duet+RepRapFirmware

by UkIan
1,554 6 01/27/2015 06:49PM
Last Post by dc42

Design Options CoreXY

by Lorcan
1,326 7 01/27/2015 11:10AM
Last Post by Zavashier

Help with first time build

by ivinder
649 5 01/23/2015 05:02PM
Last Post by runninfarmer

Not quite CoreXY but Sli3DR source files are released

by richrap
4,071 8 01/23/2015 12:21PM
Last Post by cablemite

Openbeam CoreXY in Construction Attachments

by RepRot
4,648 13 01/22/2015 04:53PM
Last Post by alexella

CoreXYL(aser) setup

by Ohmarinus
1,949 6 01/19/2015 03:51PM
Last Post by runninfarmer

Belt configuration

by jtoombs
1,735 13 01/17/2015 09:32AM
Last Post by gforce1

My CoreXY printer iteration! Attachments

by vinvin
2,419 9 01/05/2015 06:43PM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

V-Slot CoreXY Printer Attachments

by TheBoilingDumpling
1,428 6 01/05/2015 01:17AM
Last Post by TheBoilingDumpling