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Wrong motor?

Posted by GITRDUN 
Wrong motor?
September 01, 2013 04:54PM
I bought these motors [www.phidgets.com] for my I3 build and i am having issues right away. If i turn up the pot on my Pololu drivers enough to get the motors to move at all the drivers will get so hot they overheat. If i turn it down even a tiny tiny bit theres not enough power to move the motors. The motors dont get hot at all but the drivers just cant handle it.

Did i buy a misfit motor again? Ive read through all the info on what motors should work and what shouldnt, but i guess its just over my head.
Re: Wrong motor?
September 01, 2013 05:23PM
They look fine to me... How are you driving them? Perhaps turn down the max speed and max acceleration?
Re: Wrong motor?
September 01, 2013 05:33PM
IM using Ramps 1.4 with Pololu drivers. They will overheat the drivers just sitting idle after a movement.
Re: Wrong motor?
September 01, 2013 07:03PM
I have my pots set to give .4 volts on X and Y. I did adjust the acceleration in the firmware and it helped quite a bit. I think if i add a fan i can get by with it.
Re: Wrong motor?
September 01, 2013 07:22PM
what are the drivers rated at ? 2 amps if so the motors are rated @2.4 to much for the drivers to handle also if you have low votage you will pull even higher amps our cnc mill steppers are rated @ 8 amps 20 volts but the supply to the drivers is 48 volts no load

hope you find your answer

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