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Smoothie ware

Posted by RC-CnC 
Re: Smoothie ware
August 03, 2014 11:56AM
I think there should be a new area on the forum but not under firmware. Smoothieboard, Smoothieware, Azteeg X5 mini and similar boards need their own hardware area. Firmware can be discussed there or in the firmware area. The fact is that this is a different style of board and the support it needs is different then a Ramps. I am not convinced that it is the next "evolution" but a step on the way, I think Charles Steinkuehler's work on the beagle bone/cramps holds much more potential in the longrun, but it does deserve a place.

Side question, is there an affordable LCD for the Azteeg X5 mini yet?

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Re: Smoothie ware
August 03, 2014 05:52PM
Because of some interface noise issue on the Smoothieboard, they are not recommending the VIKI or most other LCD panels that they were planning to use.

I have a RRD full-graphic LCD-12864 clone, and have wired it to the board following wolfmanjm's instructions. It works, but there seems to be a 5V power regulator problem on the Azteeg X5 Mini that may be causing it to freak out and only display gibberish after a minute or so. It was suggested to power the GLCD from an external 5V supply, but I have not tried it yet.

Wolfmanjm has the code and instructions in his github to use a small Arduino board as an adapter circuit to use pretty much any LCD with the Azteeg X5 Mini. I would like to see it incorporated onto a daughter board that plugs over the X5's aux pins, but am not holding my breath that someone will make that happen.....
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