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Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.

Posted by DjDemonD 
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
July 18, 2021 07:03PM
Thanks, I also had to use sand paper to be able to close the clamp. I glued it to a V6 hotend but your way of doing it is a lot classier. I’ve also got rid of the leftovers from the support but still have problems. I guess you have better luck than me, or perhaps better printing tolerances.
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
August 04, 2021 09:39AM
I have been having trouble with my Orion lately and since it was an old version bought a new one along with the printed parts just to rule out everything.

like others have mentioned I have the sensitivity dialled in so that Z moves "just" don't trigger and even the slightest touch triggers however the only thing not triggering it seems to be the bed

the printer is an old CR-10 with many of the BLV mods to linear rail and dual Z screws

I have tried increasing the bed tension by tightening the levelling springs and Z feed rates from 300 up to 950 and the hotend at 160C but despite the Orion being very sensitive to a slight touch of the nozzle it almost always crashes into the bed and continues a couple of mm deforming the whole hotend before triggering.

I am at a loss as to where to go next as previously it worked so something must have changed but I cant see what.

any help would be greatly appreciated
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
August 07, 2021 07:19AM
I finally have this working reliably, repeatably and very accurately with the latest Marlin firmware v2.0.9.1
(using RAMPS 1.4 board with DRV8885 stepper controllers, but almost any 3d pronter should work with the below config).
Thank you to the designers of this probe system smiling smiley
In case it helps anyone else, here are all of my configuration parameters that relate to this Z probe.
If you have a slower Z stepper driver you cannot use the Precision Piezo because it requires a minimum Z speed to work
I also had to reduce the sensitivity pot on the board to remove false positives (clockwise from above a small amount), and tighten all the screws to make the unit very stiff.
#define DEFAULT_MAX_FEEDRATE { ?, ?, 20, ? } // set third parameter to 20, leave others at your choice
#define DEFAULT_MAX_ACCELERATION { ?, ?, 50, ? } // set third parameter to 50, leave others at your choice
#define NOZZLE_TO_PROBE_OFFSET { 0, 0, 0.3 } // you may need to fine tune the third parameter for your machine, using M851Z?
#define Z_PROBE_FEEDRATE_FAST (20*60)
// add these two lines directly after Z_PROBE_FEEDRATE_SLOW
// pause before Z probing to prevent movement jerk causing a false z probe positive, in milli-seconds
#define Z_PROBE_PAUSE_INTERVAL_MS 500 // see also src/module/probe.cpp line 602...
// Now you can enable auto bed levelling if you like:
#define HOMING_FEEDRATE_MM_M { ?, ?, (20*60) } // set third parameter to (20*60), leave others at your choice

Add these 8 lines at line 601 (just below "if (TERN0(PROBE_TARE, tare())) return true;"):
millis_t time = millis() + Z_PROBE_PAUSE_INTERVAL_MS;
while (millis() < time)
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
October 11, 2021 04:55PM
Hello all. I'm getting desperate and don't know what to try anymore, and hopefully someone has ideas which could help.

Since I switched to a Hemera extruder, I had to trade off my Orion for a universal PCB (v2.85) with 4 andromedas.

I used the underbed brackets found on Thingiverse and referred to in the documentation, which I integrated in a corner bracket fitting my bed.

For the life of me I am unable to get it sensitive enough; I played with the VR1 and VR2 as much as possible, increased and decreased the tension using my bed knobs, tried analogue and digital mode, played with the dive speed from 300 to 10 000, nothing seems to work. It does register, but the force needed is so high that the extruder bracket flexes before it registers, and of course making the trigerring uneven and unreliable.

Here is my config:

M558 P8 C"!zprobe.in" H10 F10000 T6000 A2
G31 P{sensors.probes[0].value[0] +5} X0 Y0 Z-0.4

Images of the brackets attached (foil tape is to protect them from the heatbed)

Any help is appreciated! smiling smiley
open | download - 245284390_232772625410401_3526267144816311752_n.jpg (68.4 KB)
open | download - 245267388_568814711037866_8037791887277408501_n.jpg (67 KB)
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 06, 2021 02:43PM
I've been having trouble with my Orion probe the last few days. It has been working perfectly for about 2 months (since I installed it). Never touched the adjustment pot, mounted it on my kossel delta with e3dv6 hotend and duet3mini5+ Pi3B+ SBC.
My config :
; Z-Probe
M558 P5 I0 R0.4 C"^!io4.in" H5 F390 T6000 ; set Z probe type to effector and the dive height + speeds + pullup
G31 P200 X0 Y0 Z-0.011 ; set Z probe trigger value, offset and trigger height

I didn't have the pullup enabled and it worked fine. A couple of days ago it stopped working, red LED off, blue LED off, DWC: Probe 1000. Tried restarting, checked the cable connectors. Shut down for a while, restarted and red LED came on, blue LED off, DWC: Probe 0. Did some research and found comments about probe needing pullup enabled, Enabled it. Worked for a day, then happened again, this time during a calibration and nearly damaged the bed. Took it apart and inspected, looked good mechanically. Reassembled and restarted, worked for a while, then while sitting idle for 10-20 minutes the red LED started blinking and DWC flashed a few numbers, then settled on Probe 1000 with the red LED off and blue LED off. I have restarted several times and it seems stuck. Probe V+ to Gnd measures 4.6VDC, 0.0VAC. Gnd to D Sig measures 0.00VDC 0.02vAC. Gnd to A Sig measures 2.34VDC 0.02VAC. I have loosened the 4 mounting screws ~ 1/2 turn, separated the probe cable from the other cables. Disconnecting the probe cable causes the DWC to show Probe 0. Not sure what else to check.
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 08, 2021 02:58AM
The Duet 3 Mini has permanent pull pullup resistors on all IO connector inputs. It's best not to use [EDIT] ^ in the port name to enable the internal one because that will reduce the noise margin.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/09/2021 02:55AM by dc42.

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Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 08, 2021 11:13AM
Thanks, I'll try that but did you mean ^ not ! or should I use I1 to invert. ie (M558 P5 I1 R0.5 C"io4.in" H5 F390) instead of (M558 P5 I0 R0.5 C"!^io4.in" H5 F390)?
The problem had gotten worse, it would change to constantly on after being on a few minutes, so I tried switching to analog mode (M558 P1 C"^io3.in" I0 H5 R0.5 F420). This seems to work however Z-Probe in DWC indicates 739+/-1 (seems rather high), so I have the threshold set to 745.
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 09, 2021 02:53AM
Correct, I meant don't use ^ in front of the pin name.

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
February 07, 2022 04:38PM
I am having an issue with the Precision Piezo Universal kit. I can't adjust it so that the red light comes. The blue light is lit. If I push on it the blue light will go off and sometimes the red light will come on. I followed the instructions in the manual and have made the firmware changes.
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