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Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.

Posted by DjDemonD 
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 02, 2020 03:15PM
Thanks for your reply, roughly measuring it seems like the spacing is 23x37mm thereabouts, I'll probably modify your STL to make it fit.

Am planning to use one of the remixes of your dual 30mm fan shrouds : [www.thingiverse.com]

Just ordered a PCB, looking forward to installing it on my kossel grinning smiley

I haven't been able to find dimensions for the effector of that printer but the spacing of the holes on the screwmount top piece is 23mmx12.5mm.

You will need to find another way of mounting your hotend fan if you're not using one that clips to the heatsink. Same for the part fan. Unfortunately the 40x10mm fans that we used to sell are no longer available.

higher temp enclosure
November 03, 2020 09:20AM
Hi, I'm looking at adapting your excellent heated bed piezo system, into a higher temp environment... the chamber would peak at 65-70C, passively heated with a 110C aluminum plate bed.

Can you enlighten me on what difficulty I would have with this temp?

It appears that accuracy would, at best, be worse, would the system still work somewhat?

Has any sourcing been attempted for higher temp Piezo discs? Thanks much!
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 03, 2020 01:36PM
Piezo disks should give a useable output up to about 80°C although some "no-name" piezos have not been too good. Murata piezos are more reliable.

A pdf on [pdfs.semanticscholar.org] shows the effect of temperature (about page 7 I think), time and multiple probe strikes on a disk.

Your mileage may vary, this development after all, and many boojums wait to jump on the unwary.

Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 04, 2020 10:04AM
Thanks so much for your reply.

I'll move forward with testing in that case...

The printer I am testing this on, has four attachment points (typical cartesian), and it doesn't seem there's a US distributor for your products ala carte (only with PCcool smiley.

I'll get the PCB from filastruder but I need to source the Murata Piezos individually. Can you provide a mfg part #?

Thank you!

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Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 04, 2020 01:29PM
The 27mm diameter ones are 7BB-27-4LO while the 20mm ones are 7BB-20-6LO. The LO at the end signifies that they have leads attached. It is probably better NOT to try to solder on leads yourself as this needs a special low temperature alloy.

Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
November 19, 2020 02:18AM

is there somthing new for mounting piezo orion on Ender 5 with Micro Swiss all metal hotend ?
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
January 05, 2021 03:14PM

After some time now, I decided to finally install my Precision Piezo Orion on the CR-10S. I still got the old, blue PCB. Sadly, nothing seems to work.
V+ to gnd has 5V before plugging the cables in. Afterwards, I can only measure about 1.55V from V+ to GND. Furthermore, nothing seems to change when I turn the potentiometer. Can you give me any support with this ist there anything I can measure to find out, if the PCB is defective and I need a new one?

Best Regards
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
January 06, 2021 08:13AM
Hi Koka,

Can you PM or email me your order number please.

Sounds dumb but are you sure you have the wiring correct? If you connect the signal line from the CR10 to the V+ pin on the Orion it will not have the current to power the board and the voltage will drop, please can you verify that the you have the correct pins on the CR10. The signal pin will will read 5v when nothing is connected because of the pull up resistor.


{Precision Piezo} Accurate, repeatable, versatile z-probe plus piezo discs, endstop cables, pt100, 50w heaters.
Re: Precision Piezo Z-probe Now available.
January 06, 2021 04:03PM

Thanks for the quick response. I got it working now. Used the wrong 5V on the board.

Best Regards
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