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3D printer repair problem

Posted by igor449 
3D printer repair problem
August 12, 2018 01:39PM
Hello readers!
I'm a 17 years old student and I'm doing a school project of how to repair 3D printers and I'm trying repairing a Clone of the Prusa i3, the Single Frame.
After have done some adjustments in the printer and done some structure repairs but now I have a problem with the printing proces.
The problem is that when I try to print, the filament doesn't go down because is "not enoght melted" and the extruder can't pulls it out from the nozzle. So it changed all the hotend and the hobbed but the problem stills there.
I thing that the cause of this problem is the filament, because I'm using ABS of 3mm and is not a good cuality one but I don't know which filament use instead.
How can I fix this problem?

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Re: 3D printer repair problem
August 12, 2018 04:17PM
I think you use pla tempertures on abs filament. Either use the proper temperature or use pla. Also check the pid calibration of the hotend.

Kind regards

Re: 3D printer repair problem
August 12, 2018 04:49PM
Thaks Imqqmi fot the reply,
I heat it from 200ºC (393ºF) to 260ºC (500ºF), and as I see it's ok for ABS so I did a litttle experiment:
I tried to use a 12v 7Ah battery to power the hotend and the problem still there, but the Marlin marked 130ºC (266ºF) when it was more than 200ºC, because it was juts melting, so I will have to revise that, but that's a minor problem.
I've borrowed a bq 1,75mm PLA filament, it melted well but the printer pipe is 3mm so it is too thin to go out from the nozzle.
So as I can see is the filament, but what can I do? Should I change the pipe or buy another filament?
Re: 3D printer repair problem
August 12, 2018 09:49PM
If your printer reads 130 but the actual temperature (how did you measure it?) is 200, then that's a really big problem and you should sort that out first. Check your thermistor table in firmware matches the actual thermistor you're using.
Re: 3D printer repair problem
August 13, 2018 06:47AM
Thanks Trakyan fot the reply.
I just suposed that was more than 200 because both PLA and ABS melt at those temperatures.
I don't know wich thermistor I'm using, so I used a multimeter to check the resistence that the thermistor gives at certain temperatures, trying with ice, cold water, ambient temperature and hot water to check if it's a problem with the Marlin or with the hotend, and the conclusion is that is the hotend, because the I see that the termistor is right, but not when I put it in the hole of the hotend.
I attached an excell with the graphics in Kelvin degrees and Ceslius degrees.
open | download - Thermistor.xlsx (18.8 KB)
Re: 3D printer repair problem
August 13, 2018 09:58AM
imqqmi, of what you have said about PID, I checked with PID autotune and now it's working as I would at first.
I used the comand "M303 E0 S240 C10" (at Poterface) to run PID autotune, I waited to reach at least 200ºC and the ABS filament melts perfectly, so probably it was all ok but the hotend can transmit enought heat to the nozzle and so the ABS doesn't melt. So now it's just change the PID values or run PID autotune another time and that will be enought.
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