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hot steppers

Posted by liav 
hot steppers
June 12, 2009 01:50AM
Hi. I got a full control circuit working today, driving one of my steppers (nema 23) with a version1.2 stepper card. I noticed that the motor started to warm very quickly, even after adjusting the current with the trimpot. Is this normal?
Re: hot steppers
June 13, 2009 11:04PM
Cooler is better in terms of long stepper life, but as long as you can still touch the steppers (roughly 80 deg C), it should be fine. My Z axis stepper is turned up a bit more than the others to deal with friction, and it runs around 70 deg for months at a time.

Re: hot steppers
June 15, 2009 03:30PM
I noticed this on my repstraps I rewired the stepper controllers to make use of the enable pin I blogged the details here.


This only stops them heating up when they are not moving.

To keep them cool when moving you could pop a small plastic fan blade on unused second drive shaft maybe an old CPU fan blade would do.

Mine seem ok with the first fix using the stepper enable pin.

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Re: hot steppers
June 28, 2009 04:22AM
Just a follow up, I had the same thing happen to me today when playing with the hacked scanners I have, I found that by tweaking the current down to a low level without losing steps or torque made a huge difference, ie my motors were running so hot that they were beyond touch, now they are lovely and cool, and no noticeable loss in torque
Re: hot steppers
June 28, 2009 04:38AM
Torque is directly proportional to current. Temperature rise is proportional to current squared, which is why you can get a big drop in temperature for a more modest drop in torque.

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