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ESP32 Printer Board

Posted by CthulhuLabs 
Re: ESP32 Printer Board
April 23, 2019 07:37AM
Is this project dead ?
Re: ESP32 Printer Board
July 30, 2019 11:24AM
Is this project dead ?
I am not sure about this project, but you could check other project that I found browsing Marlin Github:

Re: ESP32 Printer Board
August 12, 2019 07:31AM
Hi all. I started a project a month ago. I tried to immigrate Smoothieware from LPC1768 to ESP32. After a month of recoding and testing , I found it's doable. But I don't have more time to push this project faster. Hopefully one or more of you would like it and can help. The project in Github : [github.com]

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Re: ESP32 Printer Board
July 17, 2021 02:58AM
this board use esp32 + expander, support 8 motor drivers.


Re: ESP32 Printer Board
August 02, 2021 05:53PM
I've also just announced Luna: [reprap.org]. It's not solely an ESP board, but the ESP has a prominent role.
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