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Printer stops and doesn t continue

Posted by hello_tom 
Printer stops and doesn t continue
October 16, 2015 05:14AM
Hello everyone,

I m quite frustrated with the following problem:

I want to print something relatively long (230mm) with my printer (size 210x210x160) and he just stops at the same point after printing 15 min (look the pictures attached).

He does not continue, no problem is shown.

What I tried so far:

- setting down the printing speed (up to 30)
- expand the limits of the printer to (230x230x160)
- watching the endstops closely, so none get s touched
- printing from the SD Card (normally I just use the UScool smiley

I m using the software "Cura".

You would made my day if someone could give me a hint!

Thanks a lot in advance to everyone.

open | download - IMG_0814.JPG (540 KB)
open | download - IMG_0815.JPG (427.3 KB)
Re: Printer stops and doesn t continue
October 16, 2015 05:46AM
No problems when printing smaller objects?
What about another object printed close to the border where the hotend stopped?
Did you have a look at the log for errors?
Re: Printer stops and doesn t continue
October 16, 2015 07:11AM
Did you adjust the limits in Cura or in the firmware?
The max travel is specified in the firmware and if you travel further than that it will produce an error.
Re: Printer stops and doesn t continue
October 16, 2015 07:22AM
@ Christian

I have no problems with smaller objects.
Great - I will try that and locate another object close to the point where it stopped.
Log for errors - mhhhh nop, where can I find that?

@ Downunder35m

Cura and firmware, I will double check and/or increase it a bit more...

Thanks for your brain and experience : )
Re: Printer stops and doesn t continue
October 17, 2015 03:47AM
Reducing the skirt distance in Cura also helps squeezing the missing mm out of the printer.
Print envelop size should always match in firmware and slicer. If you only cheat in the slicer settings, you could place a part , so that it's out of reach for the printer.

In firmware you have to cheat on printer bed size or set "software_min/max_endstops false "
Also you can set " endstops_for_homing_only" in advanced config. if you have installed your endstops in a way, that they could be passed. ( ie: opto endstops )

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Re: Printer stops and doesn t continue
October 19, 2015 03:34PM
Hello everyone,

thanks for your ideas...

At the end, the problem was that the printer went into "Pause" mode and needed to "reactivated". That didn t work because my LCD screen was showing temperature and the position of the head but did not go into the menu. So that problem was solved just by dis/ connecting the wires of the screen (I have no idea why that worked).

Now I m dealing with the problem that he is going into pause mode randomly and need to get reactivated?

Second I have a problem If I want to print from my SD Card, the card is found and the folder as well but the file is not showing up (I saved the file from cura in .gcode.)?

If someone has an idea for the other two problems ...

Thanks a lot - the community in here unique!

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