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No Babystep Z axis with BLTouch?

Posted by 3DStyle 
No Babystep Z axis with BLTouch?
March 24, 2018 02:57PM

I'm using a BLTouch for my TEVO Tarantula and I also would like to have the option of controlling the Z axis height with the Babystep feature.
However, with Marlin 1.1x (EasyConfig), I enabled Babystep and from the LCD "Tune" menu I can only see control for Babysetpping for the
X & Y axis, but for some reason the Babysetpping for Z axis is not shown.

I wonder if it's because I'm using BLTouch? Can one use Babystep for Z axis with auto bed leveling?
Re: No Babystep Z axis with BLTouch?
March 24, 2018 07:18PM
Yes you can, make sure it is enabled in configuration_adv.h

Re: No Babystep Z axis with BLTouch?
March 25, 2018 02:21AM
BABYSTEPPING is defined...
From the LCD menu I can see Babysteps only for X and Y axis, but not for the Z axis.
However, sending M290 Z X.XX does work and raise/lower Z axis.

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Re: No Babystep Z axis with BLTouch?
March 26, 2018 10:35AM
Do you have an old version of Marlin? It used to be X & Y were assumed. Now... It is the Z Axis that is assumed and you can optionally turn on X & Y.

#define BABYSTEP_XY // Also enable X/Y Babystepping. Not supported on DELTA!
#define BABYSTEP_INVERT_Z false // Change if Z babysteps should go the other way
#define BABYSTEP_MULTIPLICATOR 1 // Babysteps are very small. Increase for faster motion.
//#define BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_OFFSET // Enable to combine M851 and Babystepping
//#define DOUBLECLICK_FOR_Z_BABYSTEPPING // Double-click on the Status Screen for Z Babystepping.
#define DOUBLECLICK_MAX_INTERVAL 1250 // Maximum interval between clicks, in milliseconds.
// Note: Extra time may be added to mitigate controller latency.
//#define BABYSTEP_ZPROBE_GFX_OVERLAY // Enable graphical overlay on Z-offset editor
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