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New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch

Posted by chrishamm 
New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
April 08, 2016 04:54PM
I've just released version 1.11 of my firmware fork on GitHub. The main improvement in this release is support for TCP streaming mode over Telnet, which I'll probably need for one of my upcoming projects.
The recommended web interface version remains v1.11, which is available here: [github.com]

A precompiled firmware binary is available here: [github.com]

To those who want to use TCP streaming mode using Pronterface: I have tested this feature and it's working well on my setup, but please be aware that Pronterface's TCP socket implementation is rather buggy. Unfortunately it tends to give up writing if it cannot transmit any data within a minute or so, which is why I recommend to heat up the bed and nozzle(s) before a file is sent for printing.

Many thanks once more to dc42 for his latest improvements, and to SleepyPrince and Shaywood for contributing a few more goodies! For those who are interested, here the entire changelog since my last official version 1.09z:


RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
- Added LwIP and FatFs libraries back to RRF project
- Merged in M572 bug fix from dc42's fork (thanks dc42)
- Moved FileStore class to its own files to follow dc42's firmware structure
- Implemented TCP streaming mode for Telnet connections
- Changed OutputBuffer count and sizes (16 -> 32 instances with 256 -> 128 bytes)
- Platform class writes host messages as debug messages if debugging is enabled
- Added Diagnostics call to GCodeBuffer class
- Bug fix: File positions were not passed to Move class
- Bug fix: Roland class didn't pick up correct feedrate
- Bug fix: Fixed memory leak in Webserver for unauthorized HTTP connections

Arduino Duet Board 1.1.6
- Merged in latest changes from dc42's CoreDuet (not CoreNG - thanks dc42)
- Removed LwIP and FatFs libraries

RepRapFirmware 1.10-b7
- Network module provides new state to indicate when an IP address is being obtained
- Reuse same code for HTTP initialisation when the HTTP port is changed
- Added readingConnection member back to Webserver, because requests can be still parsed in multiple runs
- Bug fix: Connection error handler could be called for already closed connections
- Bug fix: Fixed bad condition in PrintMonitor:confused smileytopParsing method

RepRapFirmware 1.10-b6
- Merged in SHA1 support and added slight improvements (thanks Shaywood)
- Merged in PowerShell build script improvements (thanks SleepyPrince)

RepRapFirmware 1.10-b5
- Merged in firmware retraction support from dc42's fork (thanks dc42)
- M207 reports values with units
- Updated Roland code for new MoveBuffer struct
- Bug fix: AllMovesAreFinished could cause movement to stall
- Bug fix: M206 didn't convert feedrate from mm/min to mm/sec

Arduino Duet board 1.1.5
- Implemented inInterrupt() function (thanks dc42)
- Moved FatFs code to dedicate library (thanks dc42)

RepRapFirmware 1.10-b4
- Bug fix: Allow FTP and Telnet requests that span more than one transaction

RepRapFirmware 1.10-b3
- Recompiled with updated Arduino board files

Arduino Duet board 1.1.4
- Bug fix: Didn't set the link up for static IPs when the LAN cable was
plugged in again
RepRapFirmware 1.10-b2
- Bug fix: Initialise mDNS responder after LwIP netif

RepRapFirmware 1.10-b1
- Network interface goes down when the LAN cable is unplugged
- Reduced webserver memory usage by 1.5KB
- rr_fileinfo/M36 won't return {err:2} any more
- Removed Webserver's ability to wait for incoming data
- Bug fix: DHCP address was sometimes not obtained

Arduino Duet board 1.1.3:
- Split ethernet init routines to address DHCP issues
- Added ethernet_link_established() function to check link state
- Bug fix: DHCP is stopped on demand when the IP address has changed

If you encounter problems or have questions, feel free to post them here. Feedback would be appreciated.
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
April 09, 2016 12:00AM
Chris, thanks for all the good work.
I only modified the Windows scripts so that no error comes out while compiling
I am not sure if it works without any problem or not on actually machines. eye rolling smiley
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
April 09, 2016 05:37AM
Hmm. Whenever I run a macro, these errors are printed in the G-Code Console:

Error: Macro file 'tfree0.g' not found in neither /sys nor /macros!
Error: Macro file 'tpre0.g' not found in neither /sys nor /macros!
Error: Macro file 'tpost0.g' not found in neither /sys nor /macros!
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
April 09, 2016 08:38AM
These messages are warnings which could be ignored, but my fork requires all used macro files to be present in /sys. I think those macro files are optional if you use dc42's fork, but I believe it's a good habit to have all optionally used macro files present on the SD card.

If you want to get rid of these messages, create three empty files with the filenames from the message above and upload them via the Settings page of DWC (or copy them to your sys directory).
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
April 09, 2016 11:47PM
Thanks for the continued hard work on the firmware. You and DC42 have been doing a great job.

Two questions though, why the jump to 1.11? Are we losing the letter upgrade system?

Second, is there a way to send a URL string to get back pieces of data from the current print? I have been thinking about getting an Amazon Echo recently and I thought it would be cool to ask Alexa the remaining time on an active print, pass the URL(s), and generate a response like "there is 2 hours and 53 minutes remaining on [gcode name], your print should be finished by 9:15pm". Just a thought.
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
April 10, 2016 08:09AM
Kurzaa, thanks for your comment.

1) We decided to change the versioning scheme for future versions. There will be letter releases (e.g. 1.11a) if we have to release bug fixes, but we've decided to increase the version number every time new functionality has been added. This shall make it easier to document which firmware version supports what features.

2) The firmware provides some information about the file being printed via the HTTP rr_fileinfo request and time estimations via rr_status?type=3 (in seconds). I figure you could write a wrapper to turn these values into a string for your Amazon Echo device.
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
May 09, 2016 11:50AM
Hi Chrishamn,

I upgraded to 1-11 ch firmware and the web control html 1.11 JS: 1.11 upon my duel ormerod 2.

I'm having issues;
I have logged a issue with the web interface upon git hub, as there seems to be a bug when using the control all part upon the interface. It seems only to turn of two items (T2 and bed) rather than three.

I another issue that I have, All axis are homed and at zero, If I select the T1 (second extruder) as active, the X axis value jumps to 19.
Not sure why. It could be related to offset on the X between the 2 nozzles but rather have X at zero, as it effects the IR Probe hitting the 1st target. It's not far enough.



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Supporting 3D Printers with Parts and Build services.
Printer: Ormerod 2 (528.4) Duel extruder set-up with Aluminium X-Rib, RRPro Firmware v1.11-ch (2016-04-08)
Re: New RepRapFirmware 1.11-ch
May 20, 2016 12:22PM
Layers are incorrectly displayed on the web control. When sliced with slic3r, when using support material or vase mode, both of which change the layer count, either due to offset layers (in the case of support) or thousands of "layers" per revolution (in the case of vase mode), the layer count and time estimate in the web control is screwed up. It appears as if the web control simply takes the object height and divides it by the reported layer height, which is not accurate.

Is it also possible to add time estimate compensation, similar to repetier-host? For example, the ability to add 5% to a single or all estimates if they are consistently ~5% off.

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