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DUET 0.6 IR Sensor with RAMPS wiring

Posted by selva_tvi 
DUET 0.6 IR Sensor with RAMPS wiring
September 24, 2016 06:00AM

I am using IR sensor along with DUET 0.6 (from Replikeo). I am happy with the IR Sensor.

I have an old Prusa i3 with Arduino+RAMPS. I would like to use the IR sensor (4-wire) from Replikeo to work with RAMPS (Marlin firmware).

I checked for connections, but I didnt find. DC42 has a solution, but it is for his 3 wire IR sensor.

How can I connect this 4 wire IR sensor with RAMPS? In RAMPS, it has to be connected to VCC, Gnd and Sig. But, in IR sensor, I am unable to find the pin connections. Please advice.

Also, any changes has to be made in Marlin?


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Re: DUET 0.6 IR Sensor with RAMPS wiring
September 24, 2016 06:25AM
The 4-wire IR sensor from RepRapPro and Replikeo needs a modulation signal, and the returned signal needs to be synchronously demodulated against the modulation signal and then averaged. I am not aware of any support for this in Marlin. The sensor I make has its own microcontroller to do the modulation, demodulation, averaging and more.

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