Breakaway build tray
December 01, 2008 07:19PM
Not sure if this has ever been posted before but here is an interesting Clip which became more interesting when I realized the parts being built were RepRap parts.

The main interest is the breakaway build tray


What a neat solution could this kind of break away tray be made taking a sheet of abs then :-

A/. printing a similar graph paper pattern on to the abs sheet
B/. Milling the graph paper pattern in to the sheet

Among the other clips there is mention of SST Soluble support material that dissolves in water what material would the support material be?

I now built most of my first of the three extruder's I am very tempted to go get some HDPE as it seems to be a lot cheaper to buy.

Is this a wise choice for my initial printing material?

Do any of you use HDPE successfully?
I there apreferd Diamiter of the printing materials is best 2mm or 3mm?
Is there away around the warping effect?
Reading a Blog the Ideal temperature for ABS is around 224 C.
What is the ideal temperature for HDPE?

I remember seeing a temperature table for these different materials.
I cant remember amongst the many blogs where I saw it though???

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