Extruder assembly

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Extruder assembly

Need Parts

MK8 Extruder.jpg

  • 1. 1×MK8A Parts
  • 2. 1×40*40*11heat sink
  • 3. 1×12V Cooling fan
  • 4. 1×NEMA17 motor
  • 5. 1×Feed filament wheel
  • 6. 1×M6 nut
  • 7. 2×M3*4 screw
  • 8. 1×Bilateral groove bearing
  • 9. 1×M4 gasket
  • 10,11 2×7*10 plastic gasket
  • 12. 1×M4*8 screw
  • 13. 1×M5*8screw
  • 14. 1×M4*18 scew
  • 15. 1×M3*16 screw
  • 16. 1×stainless steel spring
  • 17,18 2×M3*40 scew
  • 19. 1×MK8B parts
  • 20. Nozzle(1 set)

Assembly steps

Step 1

You need 1,7,4 accessories, Insert two M3 * 4 nuts in their positions .

M3*4 screw 2pcs,MK8A parts,NEMA17 motor 1pc

Step 2

You need 13, 16 parts, assembled according to pictures.

stainless steel spring 1pc,M5*8screw 1pc

Step 3

You need 14, 15,19 parts, assembled according to pictures.

MK8 parts,M3*16 screw 1pc,M4*18 scew 1pc

Step 4

You need 8, 9,12 parts,put the M4 flat pad placed below the bearing, then tighten M4 screws.

M4*8 screw 1pc,M4 gasket 1pc ,Bilateral groove bearing 1pc

Step 5

Please install both according to the picture.

MK8 Extruder5.jpg

Step 6

You need the 5 parts,Please install feed filament wheel.

Feed filament wheel 1pc

Step 7

Under pressure with your finger release bearing, insert feeding wheel, adjust the position and releaseyourfinger.

MK8 Extruder7.jpg

Step 8

Please tighten support screw.

MK8 Extruder8.jpg

Step 9

You need 2,3,10,11,17,18 parts,fix the fan and heat sink.

MK8 Extruder9.jpg
MK8 Extruder9.1.jpg

Step 10

You need 6,20 parts,before installing the nozzle, you need to tighten nozzle and metal feed pipe, avoid leakage material.

Nozzle 1set,M6 screw nur 1pc
MK8 Extruder10.1.jpg
Before installing the nozzle,you need to tighten nozzle and metal feed pipe, avoid leakage material.

Connecting to X-axis

Need Parts:

Connecting to X-axis.jpg

  • Complete assembled extruder and hot end 1 se
  • L type aluminum profile 1pc
  • M3*20 flat headscrew 2pcs
  • M3*10 screw 1pc
  • M3 lock nut 2pcs
  • M3 flat gasket 2pcs

Assembly steps

Step 1

You need M3*20 flat head screw(2),M3 lock nut(2),M3 flat gasket(2).Please install L type aluminum profileX axis to the plastic parts

M3*20 flat head screw 2pcs,M3 lock nut 2pcs, M3 flat gasket 2pcs

Step 2

You need M3*10 scew.

The hot end insert L-type aluminum groove
M3*10 scew
Tighten the nuts with a wrench.