Power and LCD assembly

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Power supply assembly

Need parts:

Prusa i3 power assembly.jpg

  • 1×12v 250w supply
  • 3×M3*10 screw
  • 3×M3 flat gasket

The following two screws in the power supply , one on top of the screws and then tighten.

Prusa i3 power assembly1.jpg
Prusa i3 power assembly2.jpg

LCD assembly

Need parts:

  • 1×LCD
  • 4×M3*25 screw
  • 4×M3 nut
  • 4×M3 lock nut
  • 8×M3 flat gasket
  • 4×plastic gasket

Step 1

M3 * 25 screw and a M3 flat gasket insert acrylic sheet.

Prusa i3 LCD assembly.jpg

Step 2

Plus a flat gasket and use M3 lock nut tightening. then Coupled with a plastic pad.

Prusa i3 LCD assembly1.jpg
Prusa i3 LCD assembly2.jpg

Step 3

Inserted 4×M3*25 screw into four holes of LCD, and then tighten with M3 nuts.

Prusa i3 LCD assembly3.jpg