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Bill of materials | The main panel frame assembly | Y-axis assembly | X-axis assembly | Z-axis assembly

Connecting X-axiz and Z-axiz | Power and LCD assembly | Extruder assembly | Heating bed assembly

power switch and end stops assembly | Control Board assembly and wiring | Circuit Diagram

Acrylic Frame Diagram

Acrylic Frame .jpg

  • 1,front sheet
  • 2,left side sheet
  • 3,right side sheet
  • 4,5,6,7,8,9 Zaxis motor seat
  • 10,11 Z axis rod,thread fixed sheet
  • 12,13,14 Y axis,back side thread rod fixed sheet
  • 15,16 Y axis motor sea
  • 17,18,19 Y axis,front side thread rod fixed sheet
  • 20,21,22 Y axis synchronous belt wheel
  • 23,installed below of the heat bed
  • 24,25 Z axis the top of Z rod fixed sheet
  • 26,Y axis axis synchronous belt,be installed movable heat bed

Printed Parts

Excel BOM file