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Build a RepRap Machine
If you are new to RepRap, you should probably start with this page which (to quote it) "attempts to make some sense, in general, of how all the pieces fit together to create a RepRap".

RepRap Snappy
RepRap Snappy

RepRap focused on clip-together assembly and maximising self-replicated part count

Snappy Buyer's Guide

Prusa Mendel
Prusa Mendel

Full-sized RepRap, Focused On Low Cost and Ease of Sourcing

Prusa Buyer's Guide


Full-sized RepRap Focused on Structural Rigidity and Ease of Assembly

MendelMax Buyer's Guide


Smaller RepRap designed to reduce part count and minimize complexity of build

Wallace Buyer's Guide

Original Mendel
Original Mendel

The first Mendel design: fully functional, but more complicated than later variants

Mendel Buyer's Guide

RepRapPro Huxley
RepRapPro Tricolour Mendel
Tricolour Mendel

RepRap design that gives multi-material/multi-colour 3D printing.

RepRapPro Ormerod

RepRap design that is quick to assemble and gives mono or multi-material 3D printing.

Legacy RepRap 3D Printers. These designs have been replaced by more recent ones (so build them at your own risk).
If you are new to RepRap, you should probably start with Prusa Mendel (if you want a big build volume) or Huxley (if you want a small machine).

Original Huxley
original Huxley

The Original Mini RepRap


The first RepRap