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See how others built their Generation 7 Electronics board and where they used it. Gen7 is pretty universal, you can control anything from a printer to a milling machine.

Build Reports

Mateusz Pozar Drilling his Board

<videoflash type="vimeo">26525475</videoflash>

Markus "Traumflug" Hitter showing Gen7 replication

One of the main development goals of Generation 7 Electronics is to make RepRap electronics replicatable, just like mechanics. This doesn't include printing resistors or integrated circuits, yet, but I think a first step is done already.

<videoflash type="vimeo">28673339</videoflash>

Thanks a lot to Mateusz for editing this video.

Hall of Fame

If you got your Generation 7 Electronics board working, you can be proud of that. Hit the edit link and insert your picture here.


January 2015

See also this forum post.

Gen7 zayoo 1.jpeg Gen7 zayoo 2.jpeg
Gen7 zayoo 3.jpeg Gen7 zayoo 4.jpeg

peter6960's ( use of Gen7 Boards (March 2012 - May 2013)

I have always loved the Gen 7 - bulletproof, simple, reliable. Easy to make, Easy to fix. Why you would want to use any other advanced controller baffels me

March 2012 - My first Gen 7 1.4.1 on a DIY Printrbot
August 2012 - built my second Printrbot - Still using Gen 7 1.4.1 on both
August 2012 - Gen 7 1.4.1
Reliably running a bowden setup for a while on a Gen 7 1.4.1 on PB no 3
Another Gen 7 1.4.1 I helped a buddy in Mpumalanga assemble
Got Repetier Firmware with I2C LCD running after a long battle

Built a 1.5 for my EcksbotZA in Dec 2012
Etched one of Xoan's reworked Gen 7 1.5S boards
Loved it so much I made up one panel to use for my botfarm - March 2013
Neatly mounted on one of my EcksbotZAs - May 2013
Rack of Ecksbots all running Gen 7 1.5s
another Ecksbot with Gen 7 1.5 at the office

All-in-all I think I've personally had about 12 Gen 7's over the years, with probably another 20 made for friends, collegues and at the local hackerspace


June 2013

This is Holger J.'s Prusa i2 driven by a Gen7 v1.5. Nice work, Holger!

Gen7 Prusa i2 Holger.jpeg


January 2013

Brian made a Gen7 on white PCB, see also in the RepRap forum:

Gen7 sonex128.jpeg


December 2012

mymixed made a Gen7 on prototyping board:

Gen7 mymixes 1.jpeg Gen7 mymixes 2.jpeg

David Collins

April 2012

I have soldered a Gen7 v1.3 board. It's working with the Teacup firmware. The PCB and components were supplied by Traumflug.

Gen7-small.jpg Gen7-opto-endstop.jpg


February 2012

This video, also shown on the page, clearly shows a Printrbot driven by a Gen7 v1.2. Nice!

Simon Day

January 2012

P1020122.JPG P1020125.JPG

Mountings used -

Julian Gebhardt

August 2011

Gen7 Julian Gebhardt 01.jpeg Gen7 Julian Gebhardt 02.jpeg

David Ullrich


Gen7 David Ullrich.jpg

James Moon


Gen7 james moon 01.jpeg Gen7 james moon 02.jpeg
Gen7 james moon 04.jpeg Gen7 james moon 03.jpeg

It was my first attempt on milling a PCB on my Solsylva 10x9 using Eagle and pcb-gcode. Not the prettiest, but it's been working great.


Etched a couple V1.1 boards a while ago. I have one on my prusa and one for my test_tube_mendel when I get it that far. The prusa is jogging around but no prints yet as I haven't got the extruder going. Now I have a few more in process for the Vertical_X_Axis_Standard_Contest. They are V1.3 boards.

BryanandAimee's Gen7 V1.1 electronics
BryanandAimee's Gen7 V1.3 electronics