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CNC Routers, Mills, and Hybrid RepRapping

Have you tried bolting a dremel or router to your RepRap? Can you engrave and drill PCBs? Or cut wood, or ... steel? (Or do you have a commercial mill or CNC router?) 
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New CNC Machine KickStarter Project

by CLaNZeR
2,484 1 12/27/2012 01:18PM
Last Post by CLaNZeR

Reprap to CNC Router. One machine two functions.

by below_cho
2,553 5 12/18/2012 08:27AM
Last Post by rcs

Do I understand this correctly? (CNC mill / 3D printer combo)

by Erik
10,257 9 11/27/2012 02:32AM
Last Post by VDX

Compatable Firmware?

by eatumup
2,267 11 10/10/2012 10:05AM
Last Post by misan

Proxxon Tool Holder PCB MIlling

by awmt102
3,315 13 09/03/2012 03:56AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Advice on Drilling PCBs

by RobDickson
1,808 8 08/08/2012 01:46AM
Last Post by RobDickson

etching software reccomendation

by eatumup
1,062 2 08/01/2012 06:28AM
Last Post by johnrpm

CAM software options

by ttsalo
2,114 3 05/29/2012 07:16PM
Last Post by ttsalo

Converting a Home Built CNC to RepRap

by Bryan11
2,977 5 04/23/2012 08:42AM
Last Post by ttsalo

Endstops in CNC mills?

by ttsalo
1,915 2 04/14/2012 04:33AM
Last Post by CNC

Which Electronics for milling

by ElectricMucus
2,021 7 04/11/2012 03:25PM
Last Post by hotdrop

CNC machine conversion advice

by someone
2,260 4 04/10/2012 08:05AM
Last Post by CNC

Interfacing an extruder with a G540 controlled Lumenlab CNC

by dyrodium
2,771 5 03/23/2012 04:22AM
Last Post by VDX

RouterStrap 3D printer using your own CNC machine.

by CLaNZeR
2,490 3 03/22/2012 06:07PM
Last Post by CLaNZeR

reprap converted to drawing machine

by Martin Isak Jansen
3,145 2 01/05/2012 07:58AM
Last Post by DocJames

CNC and RepRap advice?

by shippo0708
2,961 2 10/30/2011 12:20PM
Last Post by CLaNZeR

Offer Lathe Machine

by Simplex Engg. Works
1,231 1 10/03/2011 07:05AM
Last Post by Simplex Engg. Works

Mac-Based RepRap CNC spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

by shippo0708
2,271 4 09/16/2011 08:48PM
Last Post by shippo0708
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Addidng extruder to EMC driven mill

by goaran
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pyCAM - CAD to G-Code

by goaran
6,307 3 06/11/2010 07:49AM
Last Post by sumpfralle

PCB mill/mantis help

by HersirSmiley
2,223 2 05/22/2010 11:26PM
Last Post by HersirSmiley

Using Mendel Electronics to power a cnc milling machine.

by Jeffrey Olijar
3,225 4 04/09/2010 12:22PM
Last Post by Arvin

Upgrade of my old mill Attachments

by lond
1,965 7 04/02/2010 06:17AM
Last Post by lond
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Combination of FDM and milling Attachments

by VDX
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software for PCB-milling toolpathes

by MarcusWolschon
5,856 11 02/01/2010 12:57PM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

milling toolhead for RepMan on thingiverse

by MarcusWolschon
2,537 6 02/01/2010 09:59AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

searching for printable dremel-head

by MarcusWolschon
2,250 7 01/24/2010 11:25AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

Code for Subtractive Processes

by Adam.m.Nelson
2,076 4 01/23/2010 11:29AM
Last Post by MarcusWolschon

Subtractive machining

by SebastienBailard
2,938 2 01/19/2010 07:19AM
Last Post by VDX

Tips for milling circuit boards with the RepRap host software using a McWire?

by Matt Gilbert
2,329 2 01/16/2010 05:17AM
Last Post by jg