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reprap free simulator to download

Posted by James Villeneuve 
hey this is part of my 3d_simple app but also is being given out separately.

this app runs on mac, ubuntu and winodws. with ubuntu and mac it requires wine app to be installed.

simply download and run the reprap_s.exe file! it will view the g-code and run a simulation of the print on your computer so you see what would be printed and save time if there are errors. It is only a gcode simulator no physics have been added yet.

download file here
Re: reprap free simulator to download
December 21, 2009 05:30PM
Hi playing with yot nice little app..

I found that the file attached did not look how I expected it to be.

It could be incompatible G-code or a bug..

Seems to work tho

Bodge It [reprap.org]

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My rep strap: [repstrapbertha.blogspot.com]

Buy the bits from B&Q pipestrap [diyrepstrap.blogspot.com]
How to Build a Darwin without any Rep Rap Parts [repstrapdarwin.blogspot.com]
Web Site [www.takeaway3dtech.com]
open | download - bigberthanametagbb.nc (433.4 KB)
Re: reprap free simulator to download
December 21, 2009 05:48PM
Runs on my Ubuntu 9.10 but there's no file to view in the zip file.
I'll update it tonight and include a file to test it for an example.

the gcode needs z value to change, might have an error there to fix. i'll change the version tonight and include a few samples. I'll also try running your nc file. thanks!
ok, your g-code has comments in it. i will make my program ignore comments and repost!
ok. re download the file here download file here

i have included some example g-code, also have started testing the file browser features,as you can now browse folders in program. only g1 code is processed as this is the only code noticed by rapman. skein forge processes as simple g code in settings.

Re: reprap free simulator to download
December 22, 2009 08:33AM
Got it. Works on Ubuntu 9.10....Looks good. Want some beta observations?

If yes, here's a couple. If no, just stop reading! winking smiley

Thanks for the browse button. It allowed me to load some gcode files. However when I unpaused it the new file was not drawn. When the pause button is pushed some visual acknowledgement of that fact needs to be shown. Maybe change "pause" to "start"? I had to restart the program to be able to show the next file.

The word speed is in a text box. Why not show a number that changes as the bar is moved. The bar changed the speed but only after first moving it some. Seems to be set at fastest speed possible and then adjusts after moving? Then there seems to be no change after about half way to the bottom of the bar.

Plenty of work yet to do.
I am not sure i got those changes in the comments above, but a new version is ready to download. you will like it better, as it includes page scaling. The app is free to use and distribute, as I am the author and say it is ok. keep in mind it may be a bit buggy. I'll read thru the posts and make changes based on feedback. don't expect it to be really fancy, it was a program to test multiplatform compatibility.

another update to address pause, showing line code, and no carriage returns on new lines in ubuntu made files. als progress bar, and more...

fyi i just updated the code yesterday. it runs about 20-40 times faster on ubuntu machines and about 300X faster on windows now.
Re: reprap free simulator to download
January 09, 2010 05:36AM
Re: reprap free simulator to download
January 09, 2010 08:49AM
It is indeed faster on Ubuntu. Here's a screenshot of it in action.
open | download - Screenshot.png (57.1 KB)
Re: reprap free simulator to download
October 10, 2012 01:23AM
Did you write the graphic part using openGL?
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