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Firmware - Marlin

Everything about Marlin firmware : Discussions, questions, support and feature requests... 
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Intermittent Relay Temperature

by figueira1601
334 6 03/17/2021 10:13PM
Last Post by Dust

Delta + MKS Sgen L V 1.0 + tft35 v1.0 + bltouch Attachments

by huliofane
342 8 03/17/2021 04:08PM
Last Post by huliofane

STM32F411 + TMC2208: softwareserial conflict with servo

by mariov
321 2 03/16/2021 01:27PM
Last Post by mariov

Installing Marlin on Weedo F100 Mini 3D Printer. Attachments

by Bert
287 2 03/15/2021 07:16PM
Last Post by Dust

Marlin 2.0 leveling bed corners Attachments

by BigJ
398 4 03/15/2021 01:42PM
Last Post by MMcLure

Setting Probe Speed

by rq3
318 3 03/14/2021 03:56PM
Last Post by rq3

Trouble with BLTouch and homing Attachments

by slarson92
367 5 03/14/2021 05:02AM
Last Post by Dust

Initial layers 'squish' wrong direction.

by hubsy
240 1 03/13/2021 09:40AM
Last Post by hubsy

marlin will not load onto SKR V1.3

by catmandu
527 6 03/11/2021 04:04PM
Last Post by BigJ

SparkLCD won t work with Marlin 2.0

by Nebukat
361 5 03/11/2021 10:34AM
Last Post by Nebukat

Temperture limit with commands M104/M109 different from screen limit

by asimov-solensan
291 6 03/10/2021 02:06PM
Last Post by asimov-solensan

Can two Z probes be used with different controller pins?

by leadinglights
232 1 03/10/2021 12:23PM
Last Post by leadinglights

Set Z=5mm after homing G28

by garaguido
2,745 8 03/09/2021 11:41PM
Last Post by R23D

2.0.X bugfix does not homing on delta properly + DUE USB communication - solved

by luboshort
253 2 03/09/2021 07:47AM
Last Post by luboshort


by hubsy
280 2 03/09/2021 03:05AM
Last Post by hubsy

[Z-axis problem] Marlin, Melzi and TB6600 Attachments

by Oxurane
654 3 03/07/2021 11:47PM
Last Post by Oxurane

Two questions regarding expectations for G29

by satellite1217
360 6 03/07/2021 06:12PM
Last Post by satellite1217

Bed Mesh Inverted. Latest Bugfix Attachments

by thetailwind
350 2 03/07/2021 04:15PM
Last Post by thetailwind

Is there a more efficient way to update the Marlin firmware?

by kdr0588
300 1 03/06/2021 08:02PM
Last Post by kdr0588

Marlin doesn't delete power loss recovery file after G29...

by R23D
305 6 03/06/2021 06:13PM
Last Post by Roberts_Clif

Ender 3 V2 + Marlin - Z axis issue during auto home or bed leveling Attachments

by kalski44
374 3 03/06/2021 05:30PM
Last Post by kalski44

extreme irratic Z axis behaviour with TMC2209 Attachments

by saintofinternet
369 2 03/06/2021 09:09AM
Last Post by stamos

I send X-Axis move = Y Axis moves l I send Y-Axis move = Y Axis moves l How to solve?

by hello_tom
250 2 03/05/2021 04:28AM
Last Post by Dust

M7 M8 M9 "unrecognized command" even with #define COOLANT_CONTROL

by rc3105
248 3 03/05/2021 02:25AM
Last Post by rc3105

Delay/advance extruder command from xyz movement

by Omiclette
261 1 03/03/2021 09:57PM
Last Post by Omiclette

Electromagnetic Switching Toolhead

by Klaus1207
492 14 03/02/2021 01:57PM
Last Post by Klaus1207

Quick Return to Info Screen?

by DaHai8
361 6 03/02/2021 08:17AM
Last Post by jaded


by ChrisT88
314 2 03/02/2021 12:42AM
Last Post by ChrisT88

MAX31865 on BTT SKR 1.4 turbo LPC1769

by Lazaro
1,777 7 02/28/2021 02:53PM
Last Post by Pstit006

Min-Max endstops on cartesians

by yet-another-average-joe
361 5 02/26/2021 09:34PM
Last Post by yet-another-average-joe