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Firmware - Marlin

Everything about Marlin firmware : Discussions, questions, support and feature requests... 
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BLTouch XY Individual Probing Speeds Attachments

by RickB
522 2 03/21/2024 02:32PM
Last Post by RickB

how to configure TMC2209

by marvin42blue
886 2 03/19/2024 06:26PM
Last Post by Nate523

Tevoup Tarantula Pro Firmware Attachments

by techymoose
561 6 03/18/2024 11:52PM
Last Post by Dust

Homing Sequence with extra axis

by Ash-ta
738 1 03/12/2024 02:54AM
Last Post by Ash-ta


by raavhimself
919 2 03/10/2024 08:03AM
Last Post by raavhimself

Homing, G28, and G29 probing sometimes fail to move to correct XY location

by cmell
2,278 13 03/06/2024 04:48PM
Last Post by duncans

Adding differential stepper signaling to Marlin

by brjodaro
619 3 03/05/2024 06:19PM
Last Post by brjodaro

Giant custom SCARA - G1 movement issues/inconsistency Attachments

by brjodaro
468 1 03/05/2024 06:16PM
Last Post by brjodaro

PID tuning failing for larger bed?

by blt3dp
730 8 03/05/2024 03:40PM
Last Post by blt3dp


by AlanCarvalho
633 3 03/02/2024 09:02AM
Last Post by AlanCarvalho

Temperature range of the UI encoder

by Mechatron333
491 2 03/01/2024 06:41PM
Last Post by Dust

BLTouch & Delta Issue

by DaveA
1,469 5 03/01/2024 11:11AM
Last Post by rjhubner

Solenoid Tool Clamp

by raavhimself
503 1 03/01/2024 06:51AM
Last Post by raavhimself

probe points positions Attachments

by Salpiform
458 1 02/29/2024 01:29AM
Last Post by Salpiform

Two different home positions

by edensan
649 3 02/28/2024 11:39AM
Last Post by edensan

Z axis not move between printing Attachments

by Enzo-B
466 1 02/26/2024 04:12AM
Last Post by Enzo-B

Hot to use / finetune UBL

by JPT
481 1 02/21/2024 10:46AM
Last Post by JPT

UBL does not work Attachments

by JPT
595 2 02/21/2024 10:29AM
Last Post by JPT

confused smileyAuto bed leveling bilinear incorrect leveling Attachments

by Pezsma
642 4 02/16/2024 02:38PM
Last Post by Pezsma

How to use / calibrate UBL autoleveling

by JPT
657 7 02/16/2024 06:10AM
Last Post by JPT

Marlin 2.1.x Bugfix on GT2560 rev A+ Error compiling

by Use Less UK
791 5 02/11/2024 04:50AM
Last Post by Use Less UK

Marlin on Sanguinololu 1.3a (with D12 PWM FAN) Attachments

by Huxley re-new
630 4 02/10/2024 06:13AM
Last Post by Huxley re-new

Cannot resume print after pause Attachments

by Nate523
576 2 02/07/2024 06:33PM
Last Post by Nate523

Issue with compiling Attachments

by Enzo-B
532 5 02/07/2024 02:42PM
Last Post by Enzo-B

fine-tuning marlin,

by JPT
520 1 02/04/2024 11:53AM
Last Post by JPT

Marlin "DUAL_X_CARRIAGE" X2 sensorless not homing.

by nacheitor
477 1 01/30/2024 01:21PM
Last Post by nacheitor

Robin Nano v3.1 + 3Dtouch + SmartFilamentSensor, USB connection

by cysign
1,045 4 01/28/2024 11:19AM
Last Post by cysign


by lukaari
395 1 01/27/2024 01:38PM
Last Post by lukaari

Marlin-bugfix-2.1.x and MKS TinyBee V1.0

by nanigago
773 1 01/26/2024 11:57AM
Last Post by nanigago

[solved] Building Marlin for STM32: Unsupported Platform!

by JPT
471 4 01/26/2024 08:19AM
Last Post by JPT