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An alternative to buying a bad kit for $300-500

Re: An alternative to buying a bad kit for $300-500
February 11, 2019 03:57AM
I wanted to post this here, this thread has been helpful for me while developing my new project:

A 32bit controller board for the CubePro

Re: An alternative to buying a bad kit for $300-500
March 15, 2019 08:00PM
Nearly finished my Cubex duo reprap mod.
Using a Tango (modified version of Rumba). With DRV8255 drivers (6 of).
I re-used all existing wiring, just new connectors on the board end, and also reused the sensor boards and the existing breakout board on the carriage. Have E3DV6 style hotends but kept the original fans (two of the cheap 24 fans that came with the hot ends packed up within a week). Only one extruder in the center position.
Have reused the USB ports on the front and have used the Cubex filament run-out sensor (didn't bother with the filament movement sensors, although I believe the latest marlin may be able to use those too).
Have added micro switch Z end stop. Used the 6th driver (extruder 3) for the second Y axis stepper.
BL Touch style auto bed levelling.
24v Heated bed using the Ultrabase glass. For now I have gone with a 220x220 because that was readily available and cheap from amazon.
Am using Marlin 2.0 and Octoprint although I still print from SD rather than from the Pi. I have a webcam fitted to the back Z bracket that gives me a great view of the print from my study. Printer is in the basement.
Using Kisslicer and apart with problems with some cheap filaments from amazon, am now getting reasonably good results. Much better than I am getting with my other stock Duo.
Last couple of jobs (for now) is to print some hinges and cut some acrylic to add some doors to front and sides.
Although I have already been sidetracked into printing the parts for my next project - a MPCNC.

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Re: An alternative to buying a bad kit for $300-500
March 16, 2019 09:03AM
Nice work, I hope you get a lot of fun with it.Its a good base to start from to make a 3D printer, now you made it much better.thumbs up

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Re: An alternative to buying a bad kit for $300-500
March 17, 2019 08:16PM
Hello everyone.

Ive bought a couple brand new Cubepro Duos to modify them and they should arrive Thur. I was just wanting to ask if anyone could let me know the LCD diagonal touch screen size is so that I can order a tft24, tft28, tft32, or a tft35 to arrive at the same time as all the other parts ive ordered.

Thank you in advance.........
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