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RepRap Host

Java - everyone loves it and it works well everywhere. Maybe. 
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software attempts to extrude before temp is reached

by dwbowen
1,207 11 07/25/2008 05:17AM
Last Post by emt

Need help with gcode 1.3 firmware testing Attachments

by mellery
974 1 07/23/2008 10:53AM
Last Post by mellery

Reprap Host not starting. Attachments

by Anonymous User
1,347 11 07/16/2008 04:15AM
Last Post by emt


by kim
1,059 3 07/15/2008 02:29AM
Last Post by DaveR

Extruder Heat Profiler reaches max temperature and aborts before outputting data.

by Andromodon
1,627 19 07/13/2008 11:04AM
Last Post by Wade

Why the debate about software, as opposed to file type?

by Anonymous User
1,226 17 07/12/2008 03:04PM
Last Post by Ralith

stepper exerciser calibration

by dwbowen
1,071 3 07/11/2008 01:04PM
Last Post by Wade

Different export sizes from Aoi

by Arthur
906 2 07/11/2008 03:41AM
Last Post by VDX

Setting Up Arduino Ver 1.3 Firmware for GCODE

by dewayne
1,405 7 07/10/2008 05:50PM
Last Post by dewayne

problems with LiveCD

by dwbowen
1,037 10 07/08/2008 08:58PM
Last Post by Andromodon

Exception in thread "GUI Poll" java.lang.NullPointerException

by Andromodon
2,223 6 07/07/2008 09:16PM
Last Post by Wade

by Anonymous User
954 2 07/07/2008 02:52PM
Last Post by greenarrow

learning java - any tips?

by Wade
935 5 07/06/2008 06:07PM
Last Post by Wade

Java versions and the host software

by Adrian Bowyer
960 2 07/03/2008 12:47PM
Last Post by kintel

STL to 3d array

by Noz
2,209 24 07/03/2008 06:35AM
Last Post by Ru

designed infill patterns

by Wade
1,004 2 06/30/2008 05:04PM
Last Post by Ru

Reprap Host 0.9 Missing Library?

by emt
965 3 06/30/2008 02:46PM
Last Post by Wade

Help Running Reprap.jar

by emt
1,330 6 06/28/2008 11:25AM
Last Post by JohnWasser

G-code (GCODE) interpreter for RepRap Attachments

by Anonymous User
7,464 22 06/27/2008 04:17PM
Last Post by Ike

When to turn on the power to the Reprap

by reece.arnott
1,329 2 06/27/2008 01:08PM
Last Post by jeffpark_

reprap-host's Extruder excerciser gives wrong temperature but testing code worked

by Andromodon
3,236 14 06/25/2008 06:47AM
Last Post by Jordi

Suggested improvements / New features?

by DaveR
1,246 2 06/24/2008 04:09PM
Last Post by DaveR

Correct ThermistorTable.h for use with a thermocouple?

by Andromodon
827 2 06/21/2008 04:10AM
Last Post by emt

Thermister//PWM failsafe

by Scuffles
978 2 06/17/2008 10:11PM
Last Post by Andromodon

So can I run this on a Mac?

by funnymachine
996 3 06/16/2008 10:40AM
Last Post by JohnWasser

ubuntu exception host problem

by Dylan
1,200 6 06/13/2008 08:07PM
Last Post by Dylan

Eclipse or Netbeans

by emt
1,036 1 06/10/2008 01:44PM
Last Post by emt

The Reprap bat file Attachments

by jajo
1,366 8 06/09/2008 07:27PM
Last Post by jajo

Possible fix of comms delay bug

by Kyle Corbitt
937 8 06/09/2008 05:39PM
Last Post by greenarrow

Host Software Internationalization Support Attachments

by daniel-kessel
1,018 4 06/05/2008 05:51AM
Last Post by peteredworthy